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I'm feeling good this morning. I even weighed, and it showed me down 2 pounds, but I'm not going to report it until Sunday. Because I don't want it to be a fluke. But that helps with the motivation...heh.

I've done a LOT of reading up about WW over the weekend, and I've got a whole folder here on my computer of recipes, tips, and info!

I really have this feeling that I'm going to succeed this time. For one, it doesn't seem like a diet! I've tried Atkins...lost about 30 pounds, and gained most of it back. Did South Beach, lost about 70 pounds...and it's hard to admit, but I gained it all back. Why? Because once you go OFF those plans, you gain it all back! With weight watchers, I can eat foods I love. I just learn portion control. Making smarter food choices to make my points last longer. I can go out and celebrate with friends, and not be forced to choose a salad EVERY SINGLE TIME. I don't have to feel GUILTY about wanting popcorn! It's all in moderation, and I'm VERY excited to try this out.

We bought some of the Smart Ones TV dinners for our lunches, since they already have the point values on them (and were cheaper than Lean Cuisine this week!). I also got some WW ice cream to have in the freezer, and we got some 100 calorie packs...they all seem to be 2 points! And then, I'll cook us one of the WW recipes for dinner. Can you tell I'm stoked?!?

I learned all about the activity points, and how to calculate those. I don't plan on using those as points I can eat, but rather, just using it as a guide to how much I should have burned off.

This have been a very ME post, but I wanted to let you all know how I feel today. I don't get this excited often, so bear with me. LOL!

Jill - Wow, that bites that you can't get the blood work until the afternoon!!! I've only had to get blood work once, and luckily, I didn't have to Hope all goes well with your tests!!!

Lesley - AWESOME ABOUT LOSING 10%!!! That's fantastic!!!!

Donna - I plan on going to Walmart, and picking up a little notebook to keep track of me & my b/f's points for the day (since we're doing it together), and also keep track of our weight/measurements, etc. That way, I can write down EVERYTHING. My oh my, I hope those documents print out for you. I hate when things like that happen. Have a GREAT day!
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