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Broke down yesterday and bought some jeans. I cleared out my fat pants last fall when we moved ...good strategy except when you are planning to get pregnant. So I have basically one pair of jeans that after 30 minutes I can pull off without unbuttoning - they had been stored with my maternity clothes. I didnt even know what size they were

Mervyns here is going out of business and everything is 40% off. They had the same brand & style of at least on of my pairs of size 10's I bought summer '05. I tried on the 12's and they button with pain and serious muffin tops, so I am not going to be in the 10's anytime soon. I bought 1 pair of 14's (where I am now) and 2 pairs of 12's for this spring. Hopefully I'll be back in the 10's by this summer.
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