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Wow Debo, sounds like you have a really agressive fill doc. Mine is very conservative and puts in maybe .2 cc at a time.

It sounds to me like you need a small fill if you're not feeling any restriction, but you won't be able to tell until you're on solid foods. Hold off making the call to them until you've given yourself at least a week on solids. You'll know you're at proper restriction when you get there. Your body will tell you. You'll feel the food sitting in the pouch and moving through slowly. It's kind of wierd at first. When you feel that, try not to make the mistake of eating too fast or too much. It's a whole learning process thing and you really, really have to pay attention to your body. That was probably (and still is!) the most difficult thing for me.

Oh yeah, it will probably take a few fills till you're at that sweet spot. And don't be surprised after you've reached the sweet spot if you lose restriction after awhile. As you lose, the fat pad around your stomach will shrink, making the band looser, so you'll have to get another fill to compensate. It's a whole lot of educated guesswork.

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