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Hi everyone - I have something that i would like to recommend. I don't really post too much, I only have one post, but someone recommended an eBook to me and I was actually blown away when I purchased it.

It is called "How to End Binge Eating and Start Taking Control of Your Life". Y'all, this eBook was just what I needed to let me know that i am not alone. To help me believe in myself again and to know that there is a way out of this bad dream that i've been in for so long. For the first time in a while, I feel hope. I feel like I truly want to get better. i am motivated to take the actions in her plan to put me on the right track. It just seems that my prayers have bene answered. I read the eBook in full in just 2 days. it was that good and kept me interested. another thing that i love is that this girl (Kristin) semes real. her voice is on the website and she just sounds so friendly, like i would want to take her advice and be her friend (maybe thats too much and she would think that i'm a weirdo)...

Bottom line is that if you have BED or if you just eat for whatever reason, but know that you have a problem - at least go to this website and check it out. i could relate to her and this is her true story... not just some dr. writing his/her thoughts on the subject. she knows what it is like to eat like i do...aghhhh someone that I can finally relate to. the site is

whoever decides to get this, please pm me or start a thread bc i would love to talk to people about it. maybe start some kind of support group and we can do some of the things in the plan together...

thanks for listening to me ramble. i just feel better than i have in a longn time. thanks so much to sarahberry for recommending this to me. THANK YOU.
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