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I ate around 1400 calories today, but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to eat more if I plan on exercising. Stuff like that really confuses me, because I don't understand how eating more to make up for the calories you lost exercising wouldn't cancel out and make weight remain the same. I had to push to eat so many calories, I usually don't eat that much. I thought I was eating a lot before. Another question I have is if you're supposed to eat 1,500 calories or whatever number, does it make a difference what those calories come from? If someone was to eat 100 calories worth of vegetables or 100 calories worth of a bag of chips, would that make a difference in their diet, other than one being a good choice and one being a bad choice? I really want this weight off, but I want to be able to maintain it once I lose it. I also don't want to go hungry, so I want to be able to eat and exersize in order to lose it steadily. Fad diets just take the pounds off quick but then you end up regaining it and then some..I just want to be able to eat without going hungry and to exersize, but I don't know the whole science of dieting.
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