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Default How do you all outfit yourselves?

I gave up all my "skinny" clothes not long ago with the thought that if I ever did manage to lose the weight, I deserved some new clothes. But now, I have nothing that fits! (A wonderful problem really)

I can't afford to buy all new wardrobes for each size.

I'm thinking I may go to the thrift store and buy a basic pair of jeans, black pants, and khakis for every two sizes, as I go. For instance, I started in 20's. So I think I'll buy some 16's. Then I'll buy 12's. Etc...

What have you all done?
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Thrift store is good, also you could alter some items, it's cheaper than buying new. I kept my "skinny" (read less fat) jeans and just recently got back into them, only to remember why I stopped buying jeans from Lane Bryant... they're all too short. So I think I'll be taking a couple pairs of my fat jeans to be altered.
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That's basically what I do.... wait til they get really baggy and totally unwearable and then go buy some things that will grow down with me a bit (i.e. I buy them a TINY bit tight). Typically that means I buy stuff for every other size I go down like you're saying. Don't invest in TOO much though... basically stuff really.
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Funny you say that. I'm at an odd height of not quite petite, but definitely not regular. Usually petite is ok, but not at Lane Bryant. They're too short. Maybe regular would actually work for me there. I do like about Lane Bryant that petite relates ONLY to length. At most places, designers think I'm petite all over.
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I have not had much luck at thrift stores. I buy cheap clothes at a factory outlet or somewhere like WalMart. I just keep 2 or 3 pairs of basic pants and wash often. Usually I wear at least 2 different sizes and don't quit wearing a pair of pants until they get huge on me. When I buy tops, I often buy them so tight that I have to wear a shell with them. As they get loose, I quit wearing the shell.

This has not been hard for me. At my highest weight, I only kept a bare minimum of clothes so I find that I have more clothes now than I did then but still don't spend much money.

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this past year i've gone down almost 5 sizes so i really understand not having any clothes that fit. thankfully i kept some of my 'skinnier' clothes but now they're too big! i can't afford to buy a new temporary wardrobe, and i'm really on a tight budget too, so the last two months i've been shopping thrift stores with mixed results trying to get some basics that fit. if you don't mind buying online, i'd highly suggest ebay. a friend suggested i try going online for deals and i hit the jackpot a two weeks ago on ebay. i bought a mixed lot of clothes sized 14-16 for $125 (including shipping), it had 35 pieces (tons of tops/bottoms and a few accessories) and all was gently worn. i'd highly suggest trying ebay, especially if your local thrift stores are working and you don't want to buy new (aka expensive) clothes. good luck!
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One of my friends buys clothes on ebay. I am not to the point of needing new clothes...but it is a worry. And like Elaina said actually a good worry. I was the size I was for years and years and years (well maybe not that many ) I know yesterday I put on a pair of jeans that were always tight and they fit. Interesting thing is they are the same size as my favorite jeans that I considered loose. Sizes. So weird.

You ladies talking about pants being too short...I still have to alter the petite sizes because they are too long!

I haven't had much luck buying clothes from 2nd hand stores. I am all about WalMart...the just my size brand works great for me.
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I just wear my clothes a little too big and maybe buy a few key pieces each time I drop a size.

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I either bought them on ebay or went to walmart....now that I'm close to goal I've kind went crazy with the clothes but while I was losing I'd get what I just needed to get by.

I did hit up thrift stores too but the time I had without my kids was limited and I would have rather cut off my arm than take them all in there with me

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one word: EBAY!

I get name brand awesome clothes for much cheaper than what I"d pay in the stores. When I'm done with them, I resell them. Come out about even.
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I bought my clothes at Goodwill, Salvation Army, or consignment stores. You can often find brand new clothes at these stores and cheap. You need to check often as stock goes out quickly.
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I found that skirts looked better across a wider weight range than pants did. I also made do with only a few pants/skirts, as they aren't as noticeable in an outfit.

The tops need a little more variety, but those I also found to fit across a wider range than pants, especially with knits.

The whole belting business never worked too well for me. The bagged up waist and baggy butt and crotch looked terrible, although I did use belts to extend pants a little bit.
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Outlets, clearance racks, TK Maxx, and a bit of thrift shopping. I've spent quite a lot as I've gone down, but with few exceptions, it's all been deeply discounted stuff. Fortunately, I'm now on the verge of dropping to one solid size down from my mother-in-law, and instead of just sending the stuff that's too big to the charity shops, I can give her first crack at anything particularly nice. I mean, she's not going to want my short skirts, but I have some lovely sweaters and blouses she might like.
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I buy a pair of new Levi's everytime I go down a size (in 16's now!!!) and a couple of cheap wal-mart t-shirts... and then wear them until I cannot any more!!!

I do spend a LOT of money on underwear though that I can only wear for like a month.... lol!!!
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Originally Posted by cathydoe View Post

You ladies talking about pants being too short...I still have to alter the petite sizes because they are too long!
In my family, I am tall! My mom is 4'10" and loves to hand clothes down to me. The problem is, she alters them, and does not understand that her pants are way too short for me.

Most of the women in my family are 5 feet even. I really am tall!
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