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Question I need help with Weight Watchers PLEASE!!!

Hi everyone! I am new and raring to go!! Have been for a week or so but I keep getting confused and then accidentally mess up I need help with a few questions! I cannot afford to pay per month for things. My friend gave me a small food points sheet(s), introduction sheet and what points I need. I weigh 152....does this amount to 22 points then? Just in case the paper wasn't right? I am more than dedicated to make this work...but with your help! I don't have any friends who are going to join me on this either...yet I need to know....what do I need in order to start? Ok so I have this little package of points that says a can of tomato soup made with water is 2 points but what about a cup of soup like the new campbell's tomato soup at hand? What about recipes? How do I fit my fats in? Why are there different diets like fibre, points I wrong about this, perhaps? I do things by organization and lists and so far I am lost in this :S How did you start and organize things???? I am going grocery shopping tomorrow...what do I pick up ie how do I plan my daily meal menus based on points? I know this is a lot of questions but I'm new. 35 extra points...anyone use them? If I mess up accidentally...can I take that out of the messed up foods? Any help would be great! Oh and I am also 23 years old, 5 foot 3 and have 2 babies. Thanks in advance!!
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I hear your frustration! There is a slider tool that you get when you go to weight watchers and you slide it along according to your label of your food determining fat, fiber and calories. You can get a kit for fairly cheap on ebay. The way you figure out how many points you get is decided on the first 2 numbers of your weight (15) then you add 2 for female, then you add points for your age, 27-37 is 3 38-47 is 2, add 1 if your height is 5'1-5'10 and then it is depending on your activity on any normal given day so if you are at a desk 0, occasionally sitting but mainly standing add 2, walking most of the time add 4! If you do not fall in these categories (because I didn't type everything) let me know. That total should give daily points. Now as far as the 35 points some divide and add 5 to each day, some only use it on candies and naughty foods, some don't use them, and some use them for one meal out on the town.
Hope this helps.
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You really need to go to just one meeting and get the materials and slider and the leader's explanation of the program. You don't sign a contract so you don't go back. And a can of tomato soup is more than 2 points. It sounds like you have old information because points are not just computed by weight but weight, height, age, activity level so it varies from one person to another and it changes as you lose weight. A few sheets will not hold all the points but there is a book called the Complete Food Companion that you can get that does. All you need is the slider and the week one book and the leader's explanation and you'll be good to go for about $12.
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Hi, I'm just starting out with Weight Watchers, too I can't afford the weekly meetings, but I was able to go into one of their offices and buy a starter kit for about $25 without joining. It included the book with how to calculate your allowed points and the basic food points guide, a point slider/calculator, a huge complete food points book and a fast food points book.
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The slider is so handy. I keep it in my purse at all time. If you can't make it to a meeting, see about getting one online, ebay someplace. Or see if a friend can pick one up at a meeting. They make the program so much easier. Good luck everyone. I am also just starting out - and hope to lose right along with you.
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Default Try this...

At 152 you can either have 22 points per day with 35 weekly flex points or when starting out (which I found easier) just eat your 25-27 point allowance every day to get on track and forget about flexing. Just try it for the first 2 weeks - if it doesn't work not to worry! I just personally found that I really needed to stay focused early on and the flex points almost allowed me the big binge on the weekends and it threw me off completely. Also, I have utilized a great website over the years called "Dotties Weight Loss Zone". Just google it and have a look through the food lists. You'll love it! Good luck.
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