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Default 1st time with WW - saying hello!

Hello everyone; I have decided to join WW and did so 2 weeks ago.

At 274 pounds and 49 years old, I realized that it was time to be accountable and get serious about my health.

Some ppl have commented about not being able to afford the meetings. I'm feeling the same way too, but am so nervous about doing this just at home. How are the "at homers" doing?

I hear nothing but great things about the Momentum program and I feel relieved to have started. My goal is to be 70 pounds lighter by my 50th this December 3rd.

I look forward to getting to know alot of you here!

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Hi Terri,

Everyone is different some people are able to do WW at home with no problem and some are not. It all depends on how accountable you are to yourself. I also believe that your support system makes a big difference as well. Do you have someone who can aid you with your weight loss journey, someone who can look at your food choices and keep tract of your weight and measurements and excercise. Thats what the meetings do for me, left to myself I wander I admire those with the self deciplin to do it on their own. One of my main reasons for doing the meetings was for the other people, and the ability to become lifetime which forces me to have a reality check at least once a week for life. What ever your choice you will do great WW is a great program. Please feel free to post any and all questions, this a a great forum.

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Welcome. This is my second time back at Weight Watchers. For financial reasons I tried to do it on my own for a little while and it did not work for me. I need to feel accountable to someone besides myself and that's what the meeting do for me. I also enjoy spending time with the people who are in the same situation that I am when it comes to weight loss. I made the decision that the expense will be well worth in the long run and my health is well worth the cost.
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how expensive are the weekly meetings? i thought they were about 10 bucks a week? i was also thinking about joing WW i have heard nothing but good things about them
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In terms of diet plans, the meetings aren't too bad, and if you buy a package, they work out to about $10.00 a session, which is way less than a movie costs today. So it just depends on what will help you become most successful!
Welcome, and keep on posting!
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I lost 40 pounds in five months. And the last ten took me about three months. Honestly, I wasn't being strict with my points. I hit goal about three weeks ago and feel great. Now I am just trying to find that happy medium with maintaining. You will do great on this program as long as you do one thing -- be accountable for what goes into your mouth. I have really only been able to lose while keeping track of what I eat with a little notepad. I am able to maintain pretty well while just keeping a tally in my head.

I couldn't afford meetings either. I eat a ton of fruit and vegis. My favorite snack right now at night are carrots and grape tomatoes with ranch dressing. I never attended a meeting and used this website as outside support. Good luck on your new healthy life! I also read a ton of health magazines. I usually hit Costco because they have the 30 percent off newstand price, which saves a ton. I think though, I am just going to start getting subscriptions to WWs, Runner's World, and Women's Health. Are you planning on exercise? I started off walking since I had a hard time even getting up a flight of stairs. Now I can run six miles in an hour. If I can do this, you can too.
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Hey Terri ` I am in the same position as you....have my 50th coming up in July and aiming to shed a bunch of weight by then but know that I won't be at my goal!! Anyway...I did WW in the past, got my hands on some materials that I had and supplemented with some I found on ebay and came here looking for support... (which BTW is wonderful!

I'm only on week #1 and lost 5.2lbs and am very pleased with that!!

So big welcome to you, like others said, you will see if you can do it on your own....I'm only a week into it but hope to be able to self motivate supplemented by the wonderful support here.

~ Ivory
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I attended meetings the first time I was on WW, back in 2001/02 in college. The meetings were great, lots of college students, a fun vibe.

I went back a few times in 2004/5 after graduation and in a different city, but not for very long. The whole feel was different, lots of screaming babies and I'd already heard the gist of the talks before. I found myself constantly getting annoyed at the meetings.

This time I'm not attending meetings. I know exactly what to do and have found other ways to be accountable. I post to my blog every few days, log my weight on a notepad in my bathroom, am constantly on various diet message boards (keeping it in the forefront of my mind), and have an excel worksheet open at work all the time to remind me to journal my food/points and drink my water. My BF is also doing WW at home and having fantastic success.

YMMV, but with all that I do, I don't see any point in ME paying to attend meetings right now. Kudos to those who do.. I don't think would be nearly as successful right now if I hadn't attended back in '01 and learned the program (and learned that I COULD lose weight on this system)
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