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Default So, wow, pot calling the kettle black

I have been spouting advice to a lot of people how keeping a food diary for a few days (in my case, two months) can really help you stay on track and figure out where you are going wrong or mindlessly eating tons of extra calories. I should have taken my own advice five weeks ago when I started working out again.

I should have realized it sooner; I think in the back of my mind I did, but just wanted to put it off because I was scared to see how much I was really eating and how much I was going to have to cut back to fit into my jeans again.

I have been doing a WW program at home and am allowing myself 20-24 points a day, working out an hour six days a week. I haven't really been counting the points is the problem; anyone else do this? Anyways, just wrote down yesterday's food, and from what I can remember (it is hazy, but I know I am missing some stuff), I have eaten 38 points. Now, I know I have 35 extra points every week, but I was never able to lose weight and really dip into those very much, except for maybe 15 to 20 of those.

I couldn't believe it, but, yes I can now come to think of it. I mean, I have been religiously working out for five weeks, for 45 min to an hour every day!!! But it has all been for nothing because I have been eating like my whole body is hollow. I don't usually do these beat-myself-up type of posts, but I feel a little better admitting this since I have been dispelling really good advice that I have not been heeding.

I am back on track and bet I will lose my ten last pounds in a couple of months.
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Well, at least noe you have figured out the problem and can start to fix it! I definately think the weight should just fall off now.
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*puts hand up*

I'm guilty of that as well.

Not with weight watchers...I'm more a calorie counter BUT I have been very lax for the last 6 weeks or so. I have gained weight as a result and have been in strong denial about it.

I started keeping my journal again and yup it's amazing how many extra calories creep into the day. I also have to reprogram my self discipline and NOT taste, test and nibble at every meal as I prepare it or raid the fridge as soon as I get home, or graze because I am bored!

I think I tried rationalising it by telling myself it's okay - you do an hour or more of cardio 5-7 days a week and weights every second day - you need it. I don't lol.

Shock of life when I wrote everything down without wearing those lovely rose tinted glasses!

Anyway - I am reining myself back in, keeping everything written down and DETERMINED to drop those gained pounds plus a couple extra!

Bah - so annoyed with myself.

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LOL it is so typical after doing a program for awhile to think I know what I am doing and eating! I do keep my journal but there are weeks when I 'guess' how many points a food should be or I 'guess' how large a portion is....then scratch my head and go 'huh' why am I not losing weight...duh!

so count me as a food journal drop out
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