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Default Old Points System, want to try it......

Hi - I have had HUGE success with the old way we calculated points. Obviously, since I'm back again, I didn't maintain. So I just finished my 6th week using the current system. I am SO disappointed!! I am good, I count all my points and even though I still can't wrap my head around a FREE banana, I have gone with it for 6 weeks. I have lost only 9 lbs which I know is something but nothing like what I lost the old way.......

That being said - I want to try the old way to count my points, just for a week, to see if it makes a difference. It may all be in my head but still, I want to try.

I still have my little slide ruler "thingy" to figure from nutrition info but I can't remember how to calculate how many points I get each day. Does anyone know how I can find my daily points? Also, I believe it was only 35 extra weekly allowance, not 49 but again, that's foggy too. LOL

Thanks for any info

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.u did well to last last 6 weeks. I didn't stay that long.Could not get it to work for me either, I think I was stuck in the old way as near as I can figger u should be on 24 pts a day plus the 35 per week. I too am starting again at the moment working on a meanu so hopefully will not be thinking of what to cook and eat next.( don't want to think to much) Just want to do it.
Good luck
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I would be ecstatic if I lost 9 pounds in 6 weeks! Remember, that as you lose weight, you burn fewer calories. As you burn fewer calories it is harder to lose.

I don't like saying any food is "free" because it, indeed, is not free of calories. It is just that it is zero point. I personally prefer Points Plus to the old way...but I don't actually think that fruit should be zero point since it varies so much in calorie count and some fruits really can be high calorie.

Remember, to follow the GHG as to how much fruit to eat. I'm not a huge fruit eater (and only like berries) so I am not tempted to overeat on fruit. My husband (who is lifetime at goal) does love fruit so he should counts it if he eats more than 3 fruits in a day.

Also, if you feel that 49 weekly points is too much, you can go into etools and manually set it to give you fewer weekly points. (And, yes, my recollection was that old POints plan was 35 weekly points).

Remember, however, that if you want to use the old plan you have to count the points using the old way. Old points tended to be about 50 calories per point. New points are closer to about 38 calories per point. So, you can use today's points to follow the old program.
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