WW Food and Point Issues ...other than recipes

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I think it might have something to do with what your eating. Ive been on weight watchers for about 5 weeks and lost a stone. I find i have too many points. Try swapping meat for Quorn ( so low in fat ) and swapping thick break for thin or i have the weight wachers one its cheap and nice but i know the kingsmil one is only one point without the crusts. Try to eat in moderation to. if you weigh out your food and calculate your points from there its usually okay i.e a medium jacket potato is only like 3-4 points w/w filling 2 pts salad and maybe some quorn you have a main meal for 9 pts and you wont be hungry the rest of the night
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I have been doing the PP program for 18 months now and have lost 39kg (85 pounds) to date and have just rejoined a group to kick start the weight loss to hopefully make my goal. I think the program works if care is taken to track everything that you eat. I do not use daily exercise points and I seldom use the 49 extra weekly points. Since I am 68 yrs old my life style is more sedentary than a younger person so I need to keep this in mind. The Simply filling option doesn't work for me because there are restrictions on what you can have. The minute you say NO BREAD or No..( whatever) I go into a rapid state of decline. I enjoy spending my points like dollars. It works.
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Another possible source of math error is where you're getting your calorie-counting information. Some sites/calculators do nut subtract sugar alcohol or fiber calories.

Sugar alcohols can be tricky (because some people seem to be able to digest more calorie from them than others), but fiber calories SHOULD be subtracted because human beings can't digest them.

In the USA, Food manufacturers and calorie in resources are ALLOWED but not MADE to subtract the fiber calories. Many (perhaps even most) have the math "wrong."

If you're eating a lot of vegetables, but not subtracting the fiber calories (and assuming the pretty good odds that your calorie counter hasn't done so either), you could be overestimating your calorie intake rather dramatically.
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