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Default Reading a package and getting the points value

Can someone answer this for me? Is this correct? If I have a nutritional values sticker on a package of anything and it shows the per serv calories, the total fat and total fiber, can I then use my WW calculator and figure out the points for these items?

I just went through a bunch of my old cookbooks and gave them to Goodwill because most did not have any values at all and some only showed calories.

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Yes that is how you determine the points
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There are computer programs (MasterCook is one) that you can input any recipe ingredients and it will give you all the nutritional value so you can figure points. I use mine all the time for the older cookbooks. Even some of the older WW cookbooks don't give all the values. One my previous leaders said once not to go buy the front of the package but to go to the actual label to get the nutritional values.
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Ask your WW leader or even ask in a meeting how other members deal withrecipes that have no information or limited information such as only calories. When I was a member, we had a meeting where the topic was "translating" recipes into points when there was no information or limited information (such as only calories listed).

I don't remember all the tips that were shared, but it's really not hard to translate recipes into points - even when there's no information.

Did you buy the Food Companion (there'll probably also be a Restaurant Companion)? They're optional, but they help A LOT when it comes to calculating the points in more foods.

I do remember our leader when I was a member (but this was before the last WW revision, so you may want to double check) that except for VERY fatty foods it was safe to estimate 1 point = approximately 50 calories (for fats about 35 calories).

On websites, I've seen similar calculations. To determine points divide calories in each serving by 50, then add 1 point if the food is fatty, or subtract 1 point of the food is low-fat AND high in fiber.

Because I don't know what WW is now recommending, I'd run it by your leader first (or experiment and see what works for you).
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if you're doing WW at home or have a monthly pass then you have access to eTools and can input your recipes to get the points values.
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