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Default I want to change!!

I am new here and I need to lose about 120 pounds and really don't know what plan to do. Does anyone have any sample menu's to share or any good tips of how to stay on plan and how to make it thru the hoildays. My family is like you should wait until the 1st of next month to start you can't "diet" thru the holidays. But I am kinda lost.

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Don't let your family change your mind If you feel ready to do it now, then start now! That initial motivation is important for helping you get started, so don't wait if you feel ready to tackle it now! There are sample menus in both the Core and Flex forums, as well as in the @Home forum if I remember rightly. There you can see how people on WW eat.

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Well, the new plan begins on Sunday so get to a meeting and get the new materials. I'm sure there will be suggestions for menus. There are in the 1 week one and kick start materials now.

Tell you family you don't see the need to gain even more weight. We all have to learn to deal with holidays and special occasions without overeating. Since we seem to be able to stick to our plans more at the beginning, now is a perfect time to get going. You can also earn APs for more points for holiday meals.

Good luck - thing of your goal in small numbers - 10% of your current weight, for example and it won't seem overwhelming.
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