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Default Tips?

Most evenings, around 9:00, I get really hungry; well, I feel like I'm hungry - maybe I'm just bored...anyway, does anyone have any appetite suppressing tips; I know water works well - anything else? And any zero point snacks you'd like to share?
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ok my first 2 tactics are not food
Do something crafty (I knit) or read a book
if you really are hungry baby carrots 10 are 0 pts and either a measured amount of natural PB or hummus maybe FF popcorn with some hot sauce if you need volume
or maybe just keep some sliced up veggies and FF dressing?
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Yeah, I like to eat carrot/cucumber/celery sticks with salsa. It's all zero points and it helps me a lot. I also snack on carrots, snow peas and green beans between meals. It can get boring, but not when I weigh in at the end of the week
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One thing that helps me is to brush and floss my teeth right after dinner. That kind of deters me from wanting to eat and brush/floss again.
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those are great tips ! i also have the same problem with getting the late night munchies ! ..... ive been eating sugar free jellos and fat free puddings but im getting tired of sweet snacks .....
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I'm not on WW's but sometimes I "know" when it's going to be a hard day, so I won't finish all my supper and leave the extra for later. I know some don't like to eat as late as 9 PM but I see it as the lesser of 2 evils. Yesterday was my "off" day from work and I cut all of my meals in 1/2 and did mini meals all day and it worked great, although I felt like I was eating all day I didn't go over my caloric intake for the day.
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I would give you the same advice as Kier and phantastica. Find something else to do (keep your hands busy!) and brush your teeth! I brush my teeth immediately after dinner instead of waiting until just before going to bed. Works every time You can also re-evaluate how you are spreading your points across the day. Are you not having enough at night? Are you eating dinner to early? I eat dinner around 6-7 every night, and go to bed around 10-11.
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i've always been the type to get hungry in the evening no matter what time i eat dinner or go to bed. guess it's just habit. it's frustrating. staying busy helps, but the big thing for me is to make sure i save enough points for an evening snack or two. i eat a lot of veggies during the day and salad for lunch to conserve points, because the LAST thing i want to eat when i'm craving an evening snack is carrots (that's just a personal thing for me, i'm not criticizing snacking on veggies). so i end up having 2-4 points left after dinner and i can eat some chips or PB or yogurt or WW ice cream, fudge bars, snack cakes or whatever i was craving. but i don't eat it right when i start wanting it. i drink i glass of crystal light and put it off 1/2 hr to 1 hr. that way my snack is closer to bedtime and i stay within my points.

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That happens to me every night too. Sometimes I'll have an apple, but usually I just go to bed. I can't eat when I'm sleeping, so that's what works for me. It's when it hits me about 7:30 or 8:00 that I'm in trouble b/c I can't very well go to bed then.
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