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Default Down 2 points

I recently went form 26 points to 24 points a day as I got into the 190's. I am so happy to be loosing the weight but have found the past 3 weeks really tough with 2 less points a day. I never used to eat all my flex points but am finding myself now eating nearly all of them. I think I'm going a little nuts thinking I'm more hungry than I was before.

Has this ever happend to anyone else? How am I going to get used to 24 a day? It is such a small change, but I'm worried I will sabotage my self. What a goofy girl I am
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Congratulations on your weight loss

I think you get used to the lower points after awhile. I increased my veggies to fill up for less points.
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K. - I had the same problem going from 30 -> 28. In fact, the last time I did this, it head-tripped me right off of the program.

This time, I was prepared. I spoke to my WW leader beforehand, we decided that it would be best to allocate the 2 pts/day back via the flex points, (i.e. take 14/35 right off the top each week) so that I didn't feel the change. Then I started not needing the 2 pts/day and could put them back in the "flex points pool" for other uses. I think that it took me about 3 weeks to adjust.

It worked for me and now I'm quickly heading for 26 myself (yipee!!)

Good luck!
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My leader gave this tip or hint is if you are still losing to not drop down those 2 points until you quit losing. It has helped many of the people in my meeting. I am still doing 24 TPs and I should be in the 22 TPs. A friend of mine is supposed to be in 22 TPs and is still using 26 TPs.

Remember the more points you use while you are losing the more you'll get at maintenance.
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I just had the same problem. I droped down and all of a sudden, I lost contol. My journals from the last two weeks are a mess, I am using a lot of my flex points, and I am not eating the right stuff. Its like knowing that I can't have those 2 points scares me and I just do the wrong thing. I like the idea the leader gave Kelly that if you are losing don't drop down points until you stop loseing. If I cna't get things figured out, I might have to do that next week.

Ahh the stress of those two little points....
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I knew that losing 2 points was going to be tough, so as I got close to the drop-off number, I actually took away 1 point ahead of time. It wasn't a problem, since I usually have spare flex points, anyway. Then, when I hit the magic number, I only lost 1 more point at that time.
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I was really panicked when I had to go from 30 to 28 Points. I did like another poster and tried to fill up on veggies until I got used to the idea of eating less. It'll be a struggle for me to move to 26 Points when that time comes, but I still can't wait for it to get here!
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Thank you all so much for your insight. I think I've really got a grip this week. I guess it didn't help TOM parked it's butt here with me on Monday, so no wonder last week I was loosing my mind. Now I have at least some ideas to work with on tricking my self. Funny how this is still such a mind game at times. So glad I posted, thanks ladies
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Thank you all for posting on this issue!!
A few weeks ago I dropped to 20 pts and totally lost control!
I thought I must be nuts! It's only 2 lousy points, right? So, why now am I absolutely starving? I'm so glad to hear it's not just me!! I have basically been off program for the past 2 or 3 weeks mostly due to this. Maybe I'll go back to 22 pts and see what happens. It's got to be better that just eating whatever all day, right?

Thanks again!!
God Bless!
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