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Default Why so slow this time around?

Ive been on and off weight watchers since I was 20 so for 8yrs now and Usually I lose around 15lbs by 6weeks and then I quit bc I think its not fast enough and then gain and join all over again months later. But not this time Im sticking with WW for a year No quitting no matter what and let me tell me its a good thing I made this commitment because Ive been on plan for 8 weeks now and have lost 10lbs thats including a 3pound gain too.The old me would of quit by now but My head is right, I just wish it was faster than 1lb a week. Ive also switched back to the old plan in week 5.

I also work out at least 3x a week and have been eating at least half to all of my wp. This week im gonna try to not use any wp and see what happens. So what do you guys think? Any input would be appreciated, thanks
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I think you're doing fine, honestly.

But, are you drinking enough water? Getting enough healthy fat? Measuring accurately and consistently? Tracking all of those little nibbles and "tastes" that so easily accumulate? Just things to keep in mind, I suppose...
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You are older. Your body has changed.

I am losing an average of a pound a week. Which means sometimes less, sometimes more. Losing a pound a week will get me where I want to go. And it's with a way a of eating I can sustain.

You know your old way didn't work. You new way just might.
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Why so slow this time? I don't know the why, even for myself - I just know it happens, either with age or number of diet attempts.

I've been on the diet/lose/gain rollercoaster since I was in kindergarten, and beginning in my early 20's I noticed that each diet yeilded slower and slower weight loss, with smaller results for equal effort.

All I know is that I wish I had stuck with any of those prior attempts, because now at 45, I'm stuck at the slowest weight loss ever (though I really could say that for that last 20 years - so I know if I give up this time, it will only be harder and slower next time).

If I start thinking about how "unfair it is" that weight loss gets harder and harder with each attempt, I feel like giving up, until I realize giving up will only mean it will be harder and slower next time.

Right now, I'm not even losing 1 lb per week. I may be able to improve that (because I've seen an improvement from when I started, losinging only 1/4 a lb per week), but even if I can't I know that giving up will make it worse.

It really helps me to take the focus of the weight loss, and focus on the behaviors that will yield the weight loss (sticking to my food plan and increasing my exercise).
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This plan may yield a slower weight loss, but it's a healthier weight loss because you're losing more actual fat and less muscle/water. And I second what Kaplods said above, that weight loss is harder the second/third/fourth time around. I know there's an article posted in the forum somewhere on research about that, but I can't find it. Hang in there, I really think this program is excellent for the long haul!
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I'm losing at an average of 1 pound a week as well. My instructor said that Weight Watchers has set a healthy weight loss at a 1/2 to 1 pound a week, so we are all doing great! My first week on plan I lost 4 pounds which was awesome but then I've gain a pound or two then lost again a pound or two. That's life. We have to deal with it but never never give up.
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