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Lightbulb Points Plus! Journal while we are adjusting and losses!

I'm just as new to this as everyone else. I think it would be a great thing for some of us to share our journals, points allowances and what we are eating. Are you confused and having difficulty adjusting? This is a good place to think it through... there will be mistakes and miscalculations as we go out in the world, I think. Things we thought we could easily eat in the past are now higher in points and it make take awhile to settle.
Also, as I hope this to be a thread that will last a week or two, perhaps we can share what losses we have (or, gosh, don't have?).
I'm looking forward to this. I needed a kick in the pants change in my life and maybe this is it?
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count me in! I think this is a great idea! I can definitely post nightly on my menu's etc.. course let me warn you ahead of time, I am not a COOK so my meals whether on a diet or not are plain and easy, lol.. I don't get very creative very often but I do want to try some recipes soon
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Good Morning Linda...

This is a great idea!! I re-joined WW in Mid-October and shortly thereafter heard rumors of the new plan and immediately was excited. I needed a swift kick in my plump rear!!

The one thing I've always loved about WW is that it does allow you to eat whatever you want. We are adults, we have choices to make. However with this new plan I feel like we are 'gently nudged" to truly eat healthier and so I have.

My points went from 27 OP - 33 NP. Ironically I find that it's difficult to eat all my points despite the fact that I feel like I eat all day. The difference is I'm eating more fruits and veggies.

Here are some of the things I've been eating: spaghetti squash with red sauce and ground turkey. breakstones cottage cheese doubles, apples (JAZZ, new and love them!!), bananas, yogurt, egg, turkey bacon, feta cheese, i'm drinking LOTS of green tea and cut down on coffee simply because I use a lot of cream in it!!

Yesterday I went to Trader Joe's. They had a container of Mini Pearl Grape Tomatoes which I bought and am now 'snacking' on. That's a big step for me. Typically if it wasn't chips I wasn't snacking.

Thanks for starting this thread...I hope we can keep it going.
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I eat the same things for breakfast and dinner every day so that's easy.

Breakfast - Protein Fruit Smoothie - 4 points:
- 1 scoop protein powder
- 1 cup almond milk
- 1/2 frozen banana
- whatever other frozen fruit I throw it -today was blueberries & strawberries

Lunch - Large Salad:
- Romaine, shredded carrots, bell pepper, cherry tomatos
- low fat cheese stick (cut into small cubes) - 2 points
- tiny box of raisins - 1 point
- yogurt salad dressing - 2 points

I also eat something crunchy with my salad - this week it's Pop Chips - 3 points per serving

Last night for dinner I made a recipe I found on a WW blog called Taco Junk - it uses lean ground beef, pinto beans, kidney beans, canned corn, canned tomatos, taco seasoning and ranch seasoning all thrown in the Crock Pot - it is 4 points per serving according to the recipe builder. I had it with some shredded cheese on top and some organic tortilla chips - 11 points all together.

I also had a cookie yesterday which used up my remaining points.

I get 30 points a day for now.

I can't wait to get more meal ideas from everyone else.
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Count me in! I am a veteran Weight Watcher, but have not been to WW in a couple of years. This new plan sounded exciting to me, so I'm back! I re-joined on Monday, and I'm excited!

I was a teeny bit leery starting out yesterday, but decided to just embrace this new plan and work like heck to follow it and give it a chance. I do have to be honest... in the past (on WW) I have felt like I was barely hanging on by my fingernails. Always hungry, like I was trying to keep the wolf at bay. I felt that if I let go for one moment, I would eat everything in sight. I'm hoping this new plan and more maturity and knowledge on my part will prevent that situation.

Last night I went ahead and planned out all of my meals for today. I am at exactly 29 points, and I know I won't be starving. I AM a cook, and love to research and share recipes. My food has to be GOOD, or I won't stick with this.

Here's today's plan (I'm not as far along nutritionally as some of you, so be kind):

Breakfast: Turkey sausage patty on light bread (I should have had fruit here, but I need to get to the market)

Lunch: Chicken Cacciatore on 3/4 cup pasta
Mixed vegetables
No sugar added peaches

Dinner: Chinese Chicken Salad w/ crunchy ramen noodles
Roasted yellow squash with onions
1/2 cup no sugar added orange sherbet

The salad is from a new cookbook, "Eat What You Love". I'll let you know how it tastes
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Count me in too!

Little history, i've been on WW about 11 times now lol and find i'm a big carb person. This new change has been very good for me since Sunday. Although i am a bit nervous everytime it's time to eat lol! So it hasn't varied that much yet! I'll give you yesterday for example.

2 servings egg beaters - 1 pt
light small bagel - 3 pts


Smart Ones - 7-8 pts depending

1 cup of greek yogurt with a few grape nuts mixed in - 4 pts

90% lean burger 3-4 oz. - 3-4 pts
big salad, mostly romaine and tomatoes and cut the burger on the salad
4 tsp shredded parm cheese - 1 pt
2 tsp olive oil (to get my oil) - 2 pts
4 tsp 30 cal dressing - 1 pt
2 tsp croutons - 1 pt

60 cal pudding with 4 tsp whip cream - 4 pts.
Almonds - 4 pts.

Compared to what i used to eat (empty carbs all day) i'm having trouble eating all my pts! Nice feeling to finally feel full

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Thank you!!!!!!
Of course, as the one who started all of this, I have to say that I had a pot luck Christmas party thing for lunch today. I only had a 2 point breakfast and I am about to sit down and try to reason out what I ate. I might just give it 25 of my extra points and move on... but I don't really want to do that. It's so hard with other people's recipes.
I'm not going to list it all for you guys as I think it would be wrong and not an example of how any of us should be eating. But, what this brings up is that we ALL experience events and parties and mine just happened to be today, the day after getting all this fresh information.
But, the good news is that we are a group of about a dozen women who are quilters and most of the food was reasonably healthy.
But, my true first day "on program" will be tomorrow. But, I will journal all that I can remember and do some estimating on points values.
The important thing to remember is to pick yourself up right away after a party and move on and do not say, "oh, to heck with it, I blew it for today so I may as well......". We all know that feeling and I am in now way heading in that direction.
I plan on a simple meal for supper, haven't had time to think of it yet. I plan on taking responsibility for the food I ate too. I will also move on.
Breakfast was 1/2 cup of plain low fat yogurt = 1 point
mixed with 1 T of blackberry preserves = 1 point
and a banana = now joyfully 0 points!!!!!!

It was nice to have that banana and not have to lose any of my points. : )
Lunch was "a mess" but I can move on.
I plan to keep posting what I eat here for awhile as I think it's really important for us all to see examples.
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Eileen, the new cookbook looks good. I've only had time to page through part of it. I took note of that salad as well.
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Default points plus help

Hi We don't get to start the new points program until next week. In Canada they are callling it points plus. I am hoping someone on the program can calculate my regular day meals to see what points things are so I can get an idea of what I might need to change before I start next week.
Fat=f , Fibre fb, protein p and carbs c
Fibre one cereal
f 1.5, c 46 g, fb 13, p 3
o source yoqurt f0, c 5, fb 0, p 4
Snack fibre plus bar f 5, fb, 5 c24 p3

0 point soup
1/2 can tuna f .5 c0 fb 0 p 15
melba rounds f 1 c 16, fb 2 p 2
cal mayo 1 tbsp f 2 c 3 fb 0 p .1

cheap cut roast beef 3 oz
1/2 mashed potato
light marg 2 tsp f 4 c 0 f0 p.2
cal drsg2,5 f fb 0 p.1 c 3

Thanks for any help you can give
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Okay, I'm back to review the Chinese Chicken Salad with Crunchy Ramen Noodles. One word - AWESOME!

9 points for the salad. SO worth it. Even my dh loved it! He kept saying, "It's so good!".
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I calculated your pointsplus to be:

Breakfast: 10
Lunch: 5
Dinner: 10

Total: 25

I went with a 6 for the beef - you said cheap cut, so I assumed some fat. Some roasts were 5 and some 7, so I took the middle ground. I also assumed 1/2 a large potato.

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Eileen ~ could you share that salad recipe ~ it sounds really good.
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Sounds like fun. I'm a lapsed lifetimer and went back last night. Just got done looking over all the new material. So I didn't track today.

Starting tomorrow and getting myself psyched for Christmas party Friday night.
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I started the new plan today and so far so good! I have 2 points left out of my daily 29 and am probably going to have a Weight Watchers Yogurt and piece of fruit. I have literally NOT felt hungry all day and I really think it's due to the fruit and extra veggies I ate today. Loving the new plan!
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Great idea!

Here was my food for today. It was my birthday so that explains the cake - not a normal part of my food plan, I can assure you!

1 cup(s) unsweetened frozen blueberries
8 oz Total 0% nonfat Greek Yogurt
1/3 cup(s) Uncle Sam's Cereal

Subtotal 5

1 1/2 cup(s) grapes
Chicken Stir-Fry
Subtotal 5

1/2 cup(s) tempeh
1/2 cup grilled vegetables
1 Honey wheat hoagie
1/4 cup(s) feta cheese
Subtotal 12

1 small apple
1 serving(s) 100 calorie packs cocoa roast almonds
1 slice(s) store-bought cake with icing
Subtotal 12

Total: 34 (My daily allotment is 29, so I dipped into my weekly points)
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