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Default Help me stick to it!

I joined WW at the beginning of the year and lost almost 20 pounds, but in February, I hit a stall, gained a few and just stopped the program

I haven't weighed in a while, but I'm pretty sure I've gained back some, if not all of what I lost. I also stopped going to the gym. I don't know what gets into me.

I've got a ton of weight to lose (ok, not really a ton, but you get my drift) and for health reasons I really need to do this!

I've done pretty well so far today, but afternoons and evenings are my hardest time. I can stick to it in the am, but once 2pm rears its ugly head, all bets are off.

Just looking for support, encouragement, etc. And any tricks you all might have to stick with the program!
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This site helps alot. I enjoy just logging on to read motivational stories and stories that sound just like mine and before I know it I'm not hungry anymore. It really is all about feeding our minds and not our boredom. As long as you eat the amount of points (healthy points not just foods with points) you are allowed a day then that is truly enough. We are on here because most of us are overweight and want to get healthy. If you can, get outside for a walk around the block. One might be all some can do but if you can go longer. Do anything you can to stay on point. Once you get to a certain goal, make another. Stay strong. You CAN do this.
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Thanks! I actually did pretty well today. It's tonight I'm worried about. Here's to a new start!
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I have a hard time at night too! Especially when the kids are asleep and I have some alone time (hubby works nights). I try to save most of my points for the night. I try to stick with a 3 or 4 point breakfast, 6 point lunch, 2 point snack and then a WW meal for dinner or something healthy with LOTS of veggies. Then, since I am a sweets junkie, I have enough points to have a WW ice cream or a couple of skinny cows or my beloved PEEPS. Popcorn is a good 1 point filler (not that it fills you up, but you at least get to eat and it takes a while). They also have 1 point tortillas and I spread laughing cow cheese onto them for a filling snack. Hope this helps! You can totally do it! As a side note, I do a splurge day every week (usually Saturdays) I still write everything I eat down, but I let myself eat whatever I am craving. Usually one meal is low in points so that I can have fun with my other two. I'm still losing so it seems to be working!
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Goodbye baby weight!
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Ditto for me too!! I'm in the same boat at Jermsgirl! Once the kids are tucked in and after lunches are made, laundry done, my gym bag packed for the next morning!! (my hubby works nights as well) and I finally get to sit down that's when I feel like eating... I'm trying to plan for a night snack now so that I have some options... that's my goal for this week - not to go nuts after dinner - only eat a planned snack!

Good luck everyone!
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Borderline Amazing!!!
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I loved WW! I did it a few years ago before I had my 2 kids and lost about 25 lbs. I'm not doing it now because of the $$ issue and just because I'm too lazy : )

At night I like to eat right before I go to bed. I haven't done that in a while, about 2-3 weeks. Its so tempting, but I force myself to not eat. It's all about your mind set, I think. When I get the snacky feeling I try to drink water. Maybe a glass of milk for substance.

I've only been trying to lose weight since last week and I'm down 10 lbs so far... so I must be doing something right! Sprained my ankle on Monday, so I can't go walking (ugg) but hope to start when it feels better.

Good luck ladies! I wish you the best!
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I am also struggling. If you would like an email buddy my email is under my profile. I also struggle at night with temptation.
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Hi, I'm Ashley and I'm just back on WW too. Evenings/nights are my weakness too! I find that planning meals at the beginning of the day to make sure that I have plenty of points for snacking after dinner is the way I have to do it. Otherwise, I feel like I'm missing something at night and then I won't stick to the plan. Good luck to you!
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I have to say I dont have any trouble not eating after the evening meal, I think its just habit. But I do have trouble mid to late afternoon... mostly cravings for sweet things. But with WW I usually try to structure my daily eating to include a couple of (fairly plain) cookies with a cup of coffee mid afternoon, that really helps a LOT, and then I go for fruit to get me through the rest of the afternoon...
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I found that the caffeine in coffee made my blood sugar go crazy and it made me hungry. I used to be a heavy coffee drinker, like a pot a day. I switched to decaf and it's made a tremendous difference. Not only is my blood sugar level stabilized, but I have a lot more energy. If I get a hunger pang, I have a piece of hard candy and some decaf. It satisfies my sweet tooth and the hard candy lasts a long time. I love this site!
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I am in the same is so hard on nights and weekends. What I do though, is look for awesome low point snacks. I find that the more often I eat, the better I feel. I usually eat every two hours or so. Also, I allow myself one day every week to eat a "normal" meal with my husband. This really helps to curve my cravings and stops me from binge-eating (which I have done too often in the past). I have been on WW since January 5th and have lost over 40 pounds. I really think that the key is to eat more often but not high calorie.
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Hi all - I just posted this same problem in another forum! I am so darn good during the day but after work and at night is hard and the funny thing is I was never a night snacker! It's up to me to make smarter choices! We can do this!!
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