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Default Why I love WW!

I was just sitting here thinking about how much I love WW. I weighed in yesterday and my leader excitedly said 'only 1.2 more pounds to reach your 5%, you're doing amazing!' She made me feel like a million bucks. My 5% will be a total of 10 pounds, which seems like a daunting task, but I'm almost there! I love that, even when I lost .8lbs she still made me feel like I'd lost 50.

Anytime I try to diet on my own, I can't do it. That 50lbs is so scary and I feel like it's just too much to do and I give up. WW gives me the baby steps which makes it easier. I have to reach my 5%, then my 10%, after that I will have my official goal weight, but will aim for those mini goals.

I love WW because 'it's a lifestyle'. I am doing WW at work, so I only have 12 weeks, but even when those 12 weeks are done, I'll still follow the plan. And when I reach my final goal weight, I will maintain it because I will have changed all my bad habits.

Sorry if this was corny, but I was just thinking about it and I guess it was more for me to keep going. I'm scared of not having my meetings in a few weeks and won't have the money to rejoin so if I voice [or write ] why I love WW and why it works for me, I'll be able to keep it going!!
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Congrats! That IMO is def the best commercial program out there. Everyone knows people who have had LONG TERM success on it, the long term part is unusual as on other diets my experience with friends is they lose a bit, gain it back, and end up with a lighter WALLET if you know what I mean. I love the reasonable-ness of WW.

My mother lost 30 pounds on WW at age 75 and has kept it off for 10 years. It's funny -- I'm a six-time YEAH! SIX! drop out....I know other people have success and I don't know why it drives me so crazy. The scale makes me crazy -- I totally threw mine out, I just go by clothes, like my goal is my size 10 jeans. So I'm out of the size 16 ones and the 14s are getting loose so, I'm going the right direction.

I used to be devestated, just devestated when the weigh-ins turned on me. It's silly but I just couldn't recover if I had an on-program week and gained .5 pound or something especially since my weigh-in lady was always like HAVE YOU BEEN TAKING ANY MEDICATION? or something....

WW is a nice program but I've come to the conclusion the I just can't handle weigh-ins, they wreck me!
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Congrats on the hard work! It does feel really good when we realize the need to make changes and we become very determined to do it! It's the determination to never be that again that really does it.
When I lost my first 40lbs I said I never want to be over 160 again! Only once since I started my journey have I gone over. Every time I creep close I think, "I CAN'T go back!" This last time I got to 158 and said, "This HAS GOT to STOP!"
I do the WW program on my own. I have been doing pretty well and have started exercising. For me I wanted 2 things... to back under 150 and stay there and to get healthy enough for my hips to feel good. For some reason I've had some terrible hip pain the last year or so. When I'd go to bed at night I would have to take pain medication to sleep. In the morning I'd have to take medicine to get going. Since I started exercising with my Wii Fit, I no longer need medicine at night or in the morning. The only time my hips really bother me is when I wake up in the morning, but once I get moving, especially if I do the fit right away, I'm good to go!
The hip pain going away is my favorite part! Even if I don't lose any more weight (I have been..) the hip pain ceasing is AWESOME! It makes me soooo happy! It's thanks to this site and getting into a program like WW that really focuses on eating right and getting good exercise in there too! I will be forever grateful, especially once I reach goal!!
Keep up the hard work chickies!!
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