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Default I seem to be able to eat too much

Well all, I have been watching just not threading, so no I did not dissapear. I had the WLS on August 26 this year. I am surprised at how much I can eat. First off-with all the experiements there isn't anything that upsets my tummy, unfortunatly not even sweets. I'm still a good girl though. What troubles me is how much I can eat. I can eat a frozen dinner-usually south beach diet or WW in one sitting and I can also drink water with it (about 2 cups-while I eat). I don't struggle with it-I have never had to eat slow yet-not even right after surgery. I do get full however-not stuffed. I have never had dumping, any form of it. It almost seems like I didn't have the surgery. Except for the fact I eat alot less and I'm full and I have scars. I have lost 50 pounds since the post surgery, so I know its working. I'm just curious if anyone else has had it this easy. I'm actually kind of dissapointed, I wanted it to be hard and I wanted to struggle to make the right choices. I'm gratefull to not be going through what so many of you have-I just gotta wonder if being able to eat so much is normal. Thanks for any input you might have. My doctor is out on deployment, but when he gets back I will be asking him too.
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first off, congratulations on the weight loss... and i'm a little concerned that your doc is on deployment and no one is covering for him??? is that possible?

i have a suggestion - what happens if you don't drink with your meal? i suspect that drinking while eating is literally pushing the food through your tiny tummy so you're not giving yourself a chance to feel that 'can't get down one more bite' feeling.

see what happens. let's view it as an experiment!!!! and, by the way, that might also be a factor in letting you eat pretty much anything.
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Do not drink for an hour before you eat nor after. You are flushing the food straight through and will not get the nutrition you need. Your body has a new and different cycling process for your food if you wash it through to fast you can easily become malnourished. Sickly is not what you had in mind I am sure. Take care.
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Thank you for your input! I will start doing that today. My doctor got back today so I made an appointment. I appreciate everything!
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