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Hey...Jiffypop! Babe, I remember you!!!! It has been a very long time since I have been on 3 fat chicks. I used to be on the 100 lb club and Low carb. I Lost 100 lbs and was well on my way even though I had many time when I was down (bedfast) with my health issues. Well after losing 100 lbs the time came when I became down for many months with one thing after another and after about 3-4 months despite all my efforts had regained 67lbs. I then became depressed, something very un me. Finally I gave up. I spent the past year doing research about WLS found out what I needed in a doctor what credituals he should have and what was involved. I found a fantastic Doctor although he is three hours away(well worth it)who has had the surgery himself as well as his daughter and many of his staff. He is truly a gifted surgeon who has done over 1800 of these roux en-y surgeries and has no lost a patient yet. Though one of his patient did die later of an existing heart condition. He is a genuinely caring & gifted doctor. He is passionate about this surgery in the right way. His costs are quite reasonable, he knows each patient by name and is very careful of each persons care and condition. He doesn't try to "sell" you on the surgery his seminars are in fact harping on the difficulties and dangers. I knew already I had made my decision, my question was , is he the Doctor for the job! At one point I did inform him I had health issues. If it too dangerous for you I simply will not do it! He looked at my Medical history and said gently as he squeezed my hand don't worry I will take very good care of you. I looked straight in his eye and our eyes locked for a moment...I knew he spoke the truth. I replied deal. Now I am awaiting a surgery date. Eager to get going. Hopeful yet again for a life renewed. A brand new beginning to be all God made me to be and do all the things I only dreamed of doing. I wish this surgery had been available years ago but I shall make the most of my new life none-the less.
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