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Default Grasshopper Update

Man, I feel guilty that I haven't posted in a while...BAD GRASSHOPPER! lol.

To answer your question, Pookie, I like Champion chocolate....23 grams of protein. I mix it with a half cup of water and some Upcal. Like the fact that there's not much to drink if I'm not in the mood to do protein.

I'm still having a dizzy problem. Went to the doc last week and he told me to up my protein to a 100. Can't seem to do that....can usually get up to around 80. They also told me to take the B vits once a day rather than once a week. I had blood work done and I'm still waiting on the results.

I've switched over to fish, ground chicken and turkey, and I can even deal with sweet Italien sausage patties (19 grams). I eat cheese and I've had some nuts but I don't think they agree with me. I play with the diet a little because I think a little fat content helps with the need for colace or benefiber. Unfortunately, some days it "helps" too much.

Just wish I could get a handle on the reason for the dizziness. I took off extra time from work because I'm still afraid to drive. I still haven't really exercised because I'm afraid of passing out. Not sure what to do. The weight is staled for the last week or so but I'm down about 35lbs so I'm not complaining. My body just needs to adjust.

Another thing...has anyone had tingling in their arms and legs after surg. Feels like they've gone to sleep...know what I mean? Read somewhere that it was a sign of a vit. def. but not sure which one. I changed to a sports multivit that I take twice a day, taking 1000 mg of B12 a day, and I try and get in about 1000-1500 Upcal (citrate) a day. Even take some TUMS occassionally to settle my stomach. I get about 70-80 grm protein and about 80-90 oz of H2O a day. Am I missing anything.

Good to see the boards been active and looks like we have some new members - GREAT .

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Hi Deb,

Try to eat some cottage cheese if you can as a snack. I have the Breakstone’s low fat cottage cheese and it has 21 grams of protein in 1/4 cup. It's very good if you put some splenda and/or equal and some cinnamon. I don't know how far post op you are but be careful of the nuts. I would eat soy nuts as a snack until I had one get stuck and I will never touch a nut again. EVER!!! Also, be careful of the Tums. If I'm not mistaken they're a calcium carbonate and they can cause bloating and even more discomfort. Also, are you taking chewable vitamins? I know the GBS patients are told thru our support group that they're the only ones that we should take. Because our stomachs are so small we don't digest as slowly as we used to so regular vitamins don't get absorbed they just get passed. We also have to take BComplex vitamins everyday. They said that taking the B helps build up the stomach lining again and helps us from later on becoming anemic.

After my surgery I was dizzy a lot and the doctor said that it was because of the dramatic weight loss and my body trying to keep up with it. I'm now almost 2 years post op and I still get dizzy depending on what and when I eat. It could be the fat (and I'm sure it's not much) that you do eat. Your stomach is still so new maybe the grease doesn't agree with you and you're dumping. The nuts while they have protein also have a lot of fat and maybe your stomach just isn't ready for it. Try the cottage cheese and get some of those drinkable Dannon Lite and Fit yogurts. They're very good and have a lot of protein and calcium in them.

I hope this helps, getting used to your new stomach and the way you have to eat and live is very difficult and is a day to day thing. What you can eat today somtimes you can't tomorrow and what makes you sick today won't tomorrow. Just keep up with the protein as much as possible, you won't loose your hair as bad and it really does help make you feel better and lose weight faster. Good luck!

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