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Default 🤯 Being punished for losing?!?!

Ok, Im sorry to just jump right in like this looking for answers. But I am desperate & crushed. Since About November my PCP has had me on a supervised weight loss program; I thought the goal was to get your body more ready for future surgery & show you are In-It-To-Win-It. I was so sure of this that I busted my buns and today weighed on at under 20lbs for about 8 months. We had discussed setting up the referral at this visit back in November, so him tossing the whole idea was devastating and confusing. He said, Keep it up, losing 20lbs in 8months and you could be close in a few years...??? I can get down to my current weight by extreme calorie restriction(which he advised at 800 daily), but no further with unnecessary wear on my body. He had just diagnosed me with an umbilical hernia and cited it was because my stomach is so heavy & hangs down-probably the absolute cause-not offended lol-
But then I asked him point blank to start the referral process since I am ready and qualified for surgery (at least a consult, cmon?). He refused declined to discuss any related subject thereafter. Did I royally mess up? I want this so bad-its a tool that I could really use the help from after trying for so long, I finally need help. Anyone have anything similar happen it could offer some insight? Is ne beyond grated!

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You should be able to lose weight at 1200 calories per day. If you're not losing weight at 800 per day, you might be eating the wrong foods. Eating the wrong foods can slow down your metabolism. If you have weight loss surgery without learning how to eat healthy, you'll probably just gain the weight back. Speaking to a nutritionist may be a good idea.

What foods do you eat?

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I'm sorry you were so disappointed for your doctor not to give you a referral for WLS. Not being a medical professional, I have no idea why he would make this decision. Did you ask him? Also, you could possibly try going to another doctor for a second opinion.

There could be a lot of reasons for his reluctance. Your age, other medical conditions, how much weight you need to lose in total. Like mjf said, your inability to lose weight could from eating the wrong foods, underestimating how many calories you are actually eating. When you lower your calorie intake, you have to make sure every bit of food you take in is high in nutrition. Not knowing your situation makes it hard to guess.

I would not use this as a reason to give up. Keep trying. It might be slow going, but in the long run, it will be safer than WLS. Although it's not a major operation, there can be complications. And keep moving. Take a walk every day, or do some other form of exercise. Exercise does not create weight loss without dietary changes, but it changes the way your body processes the food you eat in a favorable way.

Have some faith in yourself that you can do this. You really want it, so I think you can!!

Good luck to you.
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