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Default Question about fluid intake & work

Need some suggestions on how to deal with this. I'm going back to work in 1 week. Just got a phone call from my boss saying that no drinks allowed around the work station even with a dr note saying that I need to sip on fluids all day. Im an MRI tech & due to JCHO that's a big no no. How do others in the workplace deal with getting your fluids in? How do you deal with a workplace that doesn't work with you post surgery? Any info or tips is greatly appreciated.
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hmmmm. interesting Q. is there an office space that you can retreat to for sipping? I'm really surprised, though, that in a healthcare environment, your boss and other office folks aren't viewing this as an issue that needs a solution, rather than a flat out 'no you can't drink here' decision.

If they refuse to work with you to come up with a work-around, you might have to consider invoking the Americans with Disabilities Act. But before that, I'd consider contacting JCOAH directly. They're actually quite helpful [long story - but i'll bet they will answer your question].

I know that MRI techs have to stay with the patients and the machines [having just recently survived 2 and a half hours with one of them! it got on my last nerve!!!], but there's gotta be a way to compromise on this.
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Maybe you can at least go and have a drink every half hour or every hour, it's not like you actually have to sip every minute of the day. This sounds really strange to me, hopefully you'll manage to arange something that will work for both of you...your job and yourself.
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I'm just worried that when I go back to work & have restrictions on when I can drink my fluids it's going to hinder me. Right now I'm still at home & pretty much have to sip every few minutes & I still fall short of 64oz!!! My thoughts were to contact JCHO directly & ask them about fluids at the work station while I'm scanning & putting it at the drink station when I walk a pt through. My employers won't even contact JCHO!!! Not even back to work yet & already having to fight the work place about my new lifestyle!!
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Wow, I really have no helpful advice for you. I know that it was really hard for me to get liquids in at first. I set an alarm and took a sip every few minutes (because I couldn't drink more than a sip at a time), and it still took me all day to get in 8 cups. I can't imagine trying to get in 8 cups after work; dehydration really is a concern and I ended up in the ER twice for it.

Does your surgeon allow straws? Some people can get in more at a time with straws, but many programs don't allow them right away. If you can leave a drink at the drink station with a straw, you could possibly get more liquid consumed.

I'm sorry your employer is being so difficult.
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