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Default just a quick update

in honor of all you lurkers!!!!

as of tuesday, i'm down a total of 250 pounds. still not sure where i'll stop, but i have another 9 months before losing gets really hard. it looks like i'll drop below 200 by then, which will make me VERY HAPPY!!!

and i'm doing fine. saw some friends the other night for the first time since before the surgery. they didn't recognize me! but once they got past that, we had a great time.

and i saw one of my nieces over the weekend, and we hadn't seen each other since christmas. she was a bit nervous and i had to PROVE to her that i was her auntie. and after that, the next words out of her mouth were: when she comes up at christmas, where are we going in NYC? i had to giggle. she wants to go to the metropolitan museum of art to look at the spanish painters. ya gotta love a kid like that!!!

being able to move and walk and laugh and shop and just live a normal life is an incredible gift.

i've eaten one piece of halloween candy, and that'll be about it. and a biscotti this week. still staying on the straight and narrow, other than that: 80 grams of protein [i've eaten steak, pork, chicken, sole stuffed with crabmeat, deli roast beef, deli turkey, brie, bleu cheese, jarlsberg, cottage cheese], some fruit [mostly pineapple], and some vegs [salad, tomato, raw carrots, cooked carrots, green beans, collards, onions], and a few crackers and a couple of bites of italian bread.

so, i'm not suffering.

and the 2X clothes i bought a couple of weeks ago are getting looser... oh well. good thing they were on sale and i didn't buy many!!!

but the next thing i have to focus on is UNDIES. they're now about 8 sizes too big. but they're COMFY!!!!!

hope all is well with you lurkers and nonposters.

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I am so happy for you, jiffypop! It sounds like things are really going well for you.

I had a poor month for October, but I started a new exercise routine this week with I am enjoying, and I am getting back on track with my eating.

Your list of foods sounded really yummy (except that I don't eat mammals). I have been craving some pineapple lately. Better to give into that then the cheesecake craving, huh?

Thank you for updating. Happy Halloween!
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Hiya Jiff,

Well, beyond the stresses associated with your job, it sounds like your life has taken a 360 degree turn!!! I'm so happy for you!! It wasn't that long ago.....okay, over a year, but so what....that I used to post in the low carb forum. I remember your sister making regular posts regarding you and your situation...how dyer it was.

You have been diligent and worked hard and now you are enjoying the life you were meant to live! You should be very proud of yourself and know that life is only going to get better for you! Oh, and thanks for being such a faithful source of support for all of us. You never fail to be a wonderful inspiration and provide great information for all of us.....I trust your words and have made several mental notes from your personal experience.
Keep up the terrific work.....the world is yours to enjoy!!

Oh, just an update on me....it looks like the insurance mess has been sorted out and I should? be having my surgery as planned. I'm hopeful to have a definite answer tomorrow, but things are looking good and I'm optimistically, but guardedly excited. Take care and God Bless...

Just me...Robin
Surgery Date: Dec. 17th
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Default cheesecake has protein!!!

too bad about the sugar though. and i forgot to add this really great edamame succotash with dried cranberries. and some asparagus.

keep up the good work, frisco...

and robin. those are such kind words!!! there's no doubt about it: i've been blessed with being in a program that pioneered the aftercare of the surgery, so there have been some great teachers. and since i'm a medical writer ANYWAY, the kind that does a lot of original literature research and data analysis, i can't write about ANYTHING without verifying the information.

and yes, my sister was very worried. they both were. but here's the kicker, now. she's going through all the new things i bought for summer right this minute!!! she's taking the boys to disney world next week and she doesn't have a THING to wear! so she's taking my stuff!!!! just like when we were kids!

at least this time she asked permission!

and robin. fingers and toes crossed for you. neither of us will be certain of this until you're in the OR!!!!

please let us know how tomorrow goes...
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Jiff I'm so glad you posted this.

I'm so glad for you, you are such a terrific person. I'm pleased to say I know you.

Your weight loss is amazing!! You are doing so well, keep up the good work.

Like Pooky said, what a difference a year makes. I too can remember being so worried about you, and peachie was VERY afraid for you. But........look at you now!!

Keep it up my dear friend
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thanks, deb. you've been such a wonderful support throughout this whole thing. and i can't wait until we get to celebrate the first anniversary of YOUR release from your unfortunate incarceration as well.

that one might require some champagne!!!

and more food for today: grilled salmon and caesar salad. and a twix candy bar. and a chocolate covered pecan. maybe i'd better forget about the halloween candy???? LOL

and a small apple. that's in addition to the regular stuff...

and robin.. you haven't posted the final answer.. you're out celebrating, i hope?????
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WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!

That is so awesome!!!!

Keep up the great work!!!!

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