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Originally Posted by jillybean720 View Post
Of course, I would recommend not drinking soda if it causes pain or discomfort,
Thats the problem for most banded, its the pain.... but not for everyone, I know some banded chicks that can pound em down... beer too I also think doctors request not drinking it because it falls in the category of "junk food," they want you to break the habit and eat healthier.
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Thanks everyone for the response. I couldn't reply through my phone for some reason.
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I too was a diet soda addict pre-surgery but managed to give it up successfully ....my post op choices now (13 months out) are: bottled low cal (NOT the diet version) Ocean Spray cranberry grape juice or cranberry raspberry, FUZE slenderize tropical punch, FUZE empower pomegranate acai, a few of the vitamin water choices, skinny water (tangerine cranberry), and Metromint waters (spearmint, peppermint, chocolate mint are all great)....when going to work out or going out to restaurants I always bring my favorite drink mix (single serve) of the South Beach Diet "Tide Me Over" protein water mix--the tropical breeze flavor is SO delicious (to me)....I order it in cases and always have sleeves with me...plus it has the protein which helps with the protein count as well as killing some hunger pangs (which unfortunately I have a lot of )...
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ok = for our guests from other forums - people who''ve had WLS in general are told NOT to drink anything with carbonation, and to NOT drink our calories.

so, the warning here is: read the labels!

and Jilly just pointed out one of hte many differences between duodenal switch and the lapband or RNY. SWITCHERS - probably because they retain a larger stomach as well as their pyloric valves - can handle the carbonation MUCH better than those of us with the more restrictive lapband or RNY or perhasp even the vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

bottom line, though, NOBODY who's looking to lose weight should drink their calories.
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I am so glad to see this discussion about what to drink because I truly crave soda around my cycle and want it. I feel a bit deprived because I can't even sip it and yet I just want a taste. Since I am still newbie to surgery I really try to follow the rules. One day, I plan to have a soda and enjoy it. I don't make it a habit, water, unsweetened tea, Crystal Light mainly is it.
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Okay about soda drinking....I do occasionally have a diet soda. But, I have to do it on a empty stomach, out of the ear shot of humans, and it has to be on ice. Why?! I burp like a pig and the ice seems to cut the fizz. If I drink it too fast, it comes right back up like a big bubble of shaving cream or through my nose. (Neither are fun, but would make a great sicko You-tube event) I've read so many articles about sodas depleting your calcium, and if I'm substituting it for my water intake, which I have a hard time with anyway, then I best stay away from it. I also notice that the more things that I eat or drink that have artificial sugars in them cause me to want more sugery things.
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Nan that's funny I can't have carbonation on an empty stomach or I feel sick!
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