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Default Vacation and this and that!

Last vacation I went on was two weeks before my WLS. It was unusually hot, 90 degrees, and we had to walk everywhere. I couldn't not enjoy myself....back bad, dragging right leg, swollen legs, sweating like a pig, heartburn, arthritis pain, SOB....etc. THANK GOD FOR MY WEIGHTLOSS SURGERY!!

I just spent a week in the SUN.....WARMTH....in Arizona for my 39th wedding anniversary. I walked the mountains in Sedona, the South Mountain trails, two hours walking straight one day just looking and shopping. I swam in 85 degree heated swimming pool and then jumped into a hot tub!!!! Pure heaven!!!! I hit Walmart almost the instant we got off the plane and got salads, yogurts, boiled eggs, salad fixings, and chicken strips so I always had something I could eat. My fingers didn't hurt me one time. I still had to wear my sweatshirt most days, but it was pure HEAVEN! I could ride the plane without an extender belt, and didn't flow over into someone else's seat. I almost started bawling because I was so happy and my son thought I was nuts.

I was at the Phoenix Airport and saw one of my favorite surgeons that I had worked with for years on ostomy care. I said, Hi Dr. Bryan! He looked and me and said, "Yes, may I help you?" I started laughing and said, "Do you remember me from Morey Center?" He said, "OMG, what did you do to yourself! I recognize you now from the neck up!" LOL!!! You know he used to do RNY at the OSU hospital before he came to the little hospital I worked at and I aways teased him about doing my surgery and having to use elephant clamps to hold all the fat back...It is a holy terror to work on someone who is morbidly obese in surgery....know this from personal experience. His wife is a doctor also and I worked with her occasionally and she didn't recognize me either!

We did bring the flu back with us....coughing, nausea, sore throat and body aches. GD has a temp of 102 for a couple of days. Hope it passes soon. I'm glad to be back, but sure miss the sun. Got to spend a whole week with my little one year old GD. She is wonderful and I could keep up with her.

Our motel was right beside a Goodwill and down the road was a Savers!!! YIPPEE!. I had to ship some stuff home!!! LOL!!! I had my first falafel pita, yummy, and picked up a Tex-Mex cookbook at Goodwill and have a chuck roast in right now that will be turned into whole wheat tortilla enchiladas and lettuce tacos. Picked up a mediterranean cookbook for $2.99 to learn how to make falafels, different hummus, Pappa Al Pomadoro (tomato soup bread) and baba ghannouj (eggplant dip). I tasted a new type of fruit something with probotics at a Stone Cold Creamery that only had 25 cals. per serving. I had grilled prickly pear cactus and Chicken Posole (chicken and hominy stew).

Downer: I hate having my picture taken and my DH was a fiend with the camera. I still look like an old shrunken up elf!!!! LOL!!!

Missed being able to keep up with you all. Welcome to all the newbies and glad to hear Mud's sister is doing better.
Nancy J.

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Nan it sounds lovely!!! I can't wait to see your shrunken elf pics!
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not bad for a 47 yr Nana!
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I want to see pictures!!!!!!! What great fun you had! I am sooooooo jealous of even a week in the sun! The sun has been out here but its deceiving...it's still bloody cold!!! Glad you could enjoy your trip much better this time around. WLS has given me so much of my life back too. AND running into the dr./friend! hehehe That's fabulous!

Thanks for sharing Nancy, I missed reading your posts!


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