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ready 4 a re-birth ...
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Talking Happy Holidays...update ;)

Hello everyone. I just wanted to give you all a great update on... ME!!! I had my one year birthday appointment with the surgeon last week on 12-18-08. My real one year birthday happens to be on New Years Eve. I have lost 148 pounds (in slightly under a year) and I weighed in at 148 pounds. I lost exactly 1/2 of me!!! It seems like any nurse or receptionist that I run into is so happy for me and can not believe it but the doctors show no emotion what so ever; however my surgeon kept staring. Two of the nurse both asked me how I did it???? Are you serious... I had the lap band done and you were both there????

Overall things have been great. It is funny that some people do not even recognize me and the only time they realize it is me is because I have a distinctive hair color... multiple stripe highlights. They actually say that is how they realized I was the same person. I am still working out 7 days a week and see a trainer 2x a week. In the last month I have slowed down slightly. Maybe the winter blues have something to do with it. All this cold and snow is so unmotivating, but I push myself to go to the gym.

I still have eating issues as a lot of you can relate to. I still see the therapist, but have to wait 1 1/2 for my next appt with her... kinda sucks. You know they say the surgery does not fix it all and it is still a daily battle. It is nice getting into a size 10 and wearing mediums... I still can not comprehend all that... truly. I ran my first 5k on Thanksgiving. Came in toward the walkers, but I jogged the whole thing. Finished in a little over 40 minutes but that is ok... I do not like running. I set up an appointment with a plastic surgeon for the second week of January ... pretty scary!!! Just going for a consult.

The worst part about this whole things are my friends have changed ... not me. They are quite mean to me. For some reason I still feel alone. Like I said I am overall soooooo much more happier

Hope things are well with everyone. It is Christmas Eve and the holiday season so I hope you are all well and are able to spend time with your families.

Take care and be safe
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not bad for a 47 yr Nana!
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redE!!!!!!!! Hi honey!!!!

So glad to hear from you! WOW lost half of yourself???


I know it's hard, friends dynamics can change so easily! I can talk, talk about "Please don't feel alone!", but we are all on here supporting you from afar!

Good for you, you are an inspiration for me to get to the gym more! I want that last 29 lbs before my one year appointment!!!


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LOOK AT YOU!!!!!!!!!!! you have every right to be proud of yourself!!!!

and happy holidays - merry christmas - happy hanukkah - and god bless us - every one of us!!!
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Congrats! You melted!!!!!!!!
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ready 4 a re-birth ...
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I appreciate all your responses and support... it does mean a lot. Hugs right back at ya
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Excited about my new life
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Well let me tell you, I am proud of you.
You certainly just motivated me to go ahead and hire a personal trainier and continue going to the gym. I also found a therapist because I felt I needed additional support through out this process. As far as those friends go, if they can't support and love the new you are they truly friends? So keep your head held high, love that new new 148 lb person and celebrate your success. What an encouraging message, I am only two weeks out and this forum has become such a help to me

Have a blessed holiday and Merry Christmas to everyone
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Congrats on the great loss.
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