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Default Yay for me!

I was just laying down with my third shift working husband and quietly rejoicing in the 2 more lbs. I've lost since surgery (about 17 so far) and realized I have lost almost 50 lbs. this year! I looked back through my posts here and when I posted on 1/9/08 I had just seen my PCP and clocked in at 329 and now I'm at 277! So that's 52 lbs and most of that has been without surgery!

:c arrot:

This is the first time I've been below 300 in probably more than 10 years. Thank you God for letting me live to see this day! It make me more determined to keep going and doing the hard stuff! Now I really have to get exercising, then maybe it will start showing!

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Excited about my new life
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Congratulations, count it joy no matter how much you lose and how you lose it. One pound or two pounds it still means losing and not gaining hooray!
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not bad for a 47 yr Nana!
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What a great feeling, eh? Good for you honey! and do get to the exercising, not only will you see it more in your body shape, you will feel it in your energy level and on the scale! More muscle, more calories burned when you are at rest! Good on Good, I'd say!

Go Terry!! Go Terry!! Go Terry!! Go Terry!! Go Terry!! Go Terry!! Go Terry!! Go Terry!!


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Good for you! Way to do it.
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Insanity Is Relative
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Default woohoo!

It's great, isn't it? Being under 300lbs?! I swear, when I first saw that come up on the scale at my surgeon's office, I cried! lol I've often flirted with it, but could never seem to break it. Now I have!
Exercise has been tough with the snow and cold-- I'm a walker.

Go you!!!!

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oh congratulations, Terry!!! you're doing GREAT!!! you have A LOT to be proud of - and once you get into the exercising routine, you'll be SHOCKED at the other stuff you'll be proud of!!

go for it!!!
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