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Default Great BMI chart!

I found this cool BMI chart, look here!


Just click on the box once to active it, then type your info in and a red circle will immediately appear on the chart. I liked seeing the circle move down when I typed in my starting weight and my next goal weight.
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Is too long. I sum up.
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Zzzzzip! That was a fun chart. Unfortunately, the answer is always the same--I weigh too much!

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That *is* a fun chart. Unfortunately I think my real BMI number is actually worse than what it tell me. I have a very small frame; I wonder why BMI charts don't take that into consideration, or differentiate between men and women?
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i love BMI. it tells me absolutely nothing. According to this, I'm borderline underweight? Jeeezus, someone needs to reform the BMI into something more meaningful.
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BMI is simply a ratio of your height to your weight. That's why it isn't different for men and women. Interms of FITNESS is is pretty meaningless, but as an overall index of where you fall on the "overweight-underweight" spectrum, it is a very raw, moderately useful tool. Remember, it was concocted over a hundred years ago and used mostly by insurance companies when calculating morbidity rates for life insurance.

It doesn't take into consideration what your weight is made up of. A bodybuilder with 10% body fat could have a very unhealthy HIGH BMI due to being overly muscular. An underweight couch potato could have a low BMI but but "undermuscled and overfat".

It's a tool- no better or worse than the scale!

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That is fun!! Thanks for sharing!!!

And Mel thanks for the explanation!!
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