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Default Getting back on track and not falling further off

What helps you get back on track and keeps you from falling further off?

I just have to DO IT. but I resume and then I stop. So far I've felt okay with this because I haven't gained anything back so I tell myself that it is a process that takes time and I am learning along the way. But I am at the point that enough is enough.. I have to get back on track. And now I am also battling cravings for a bunch of foods I have been vying to stay away from, sugary stuff and eating out. I keep saying, "well just this time" but again.. enough. Yet I still want to and I may give in one day. Agh. Gaining back weight is NOT worth it, and I do not want my weight loss to stop here, I have to get myself back into it.

What do you do?
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When I fall, I forgive myself. Pick myself up and restart. I know that it's for life. So there is no such thing as quitting for me. Punishing myself won't help and only tends to make me feel worse. We all have bad days. No one is perfect. There is no shame in admitting this to ourself. If I eat poorly, I find that going ahead with my exercise that day helps put me back on track. Temptation is always going to be there. It isn't going to go away. Sometimes I would try on clothes that are a little too tight to motivate me to lose more. Sometimes I try on my Biggest clothes to get a sense of where I came from and how bad I want the weight to stay off. As for sugar, I make something that is allowed on my plan. Such as sugar-free jello to help my craving. I ask myself "Do I want this food worse than I want to be healthy and fit ?" Usually the answer is no. You said it perfect when you said this is a learning process. It is for us all and we learn more about ourselves and our habits every day. Coming on this site also helps to keep me on track. We don't have to stay 100% on program to lose weight. Even 75% on track will take the weight off just maybe a little slower. For most of us, that is fine, as long as it does come off. Wishing the best for you. I know it's hard to struggle, but it really does get better.
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Lily's right -- forgive yourself and try again. I'm feeling like I'm in a similar situation. I've been eating more than I want to, mostly because of stress at home and work. A lot of "just this times."

I almost just told myself not to worry about it until after Thanksgiving, but instead I've decided to just keep trying until next Thursday.

Every meal is the opportunity to try again.
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I was an extreme case, but I just told myself "I dont eat that anymore" (that could have been candy bars or donuts or fast food or soda or whatever). It took all the angst out of picking what to eat, I simply didn't eat those kinds of food. It just made things really easy for me - I planned ahead and always had the kind of food I did want to eat on hand, so there was no excuse. The few times I did eat off plan, I just told myself that life was messy and complicated and I should always do the best I can and immediately get back on track.

It was a bit of a challenge when I reached maintenance and had to re-integrate some of the "no" foods that I did want to eat for the rest of my life (dark chocolate, home made baked goods, red wine) but I did figure it out.
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