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Bikini Season :)
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Unhappy Awful Cravings

I'm having such a hard time not getting in my car and running to McDonalds. I have food here, I don't want any of it. I'm not exactly hungry, but my MOUTH is.


the hardest part of all of this is not just eating compulsively!
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Default Omg!

Girl! you are NOT alone. Let me tell you...I am a FIVE minute walk away from McDonald's. You have NO IDEA how bad I've been wanting to go the past couple of days to pick up a McFlurry, or a Double Cheeseburger! I just have to keep telling myself "will it be worth it in the end?" Each and every time, the answer is a resounding NO! Keep strong, and know that you are not alone.

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You are definately not alone! I admit that I'm a fast food addict. Its my weakness. It doesn't help that there are fast food joints every where you turn...........Keep Strong!
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Hang in there! We've all been there! Good for you for posting here rather than running to McDo's!!
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Bikini Season :)
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aw! thanks guys! - actually brought tears to my eyes! i've recently discovered this forum and i think this kind of mutual support is going to be so beneficial!
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MY craving has been CHOCOLATE lately. The other day I ate nearly HALF of a big chocolate almond bar from Trader Joe's!!

I think that sometimes I have a lot of resolve and can ignore a certain food and other times I just NEED to eat that certain food. I'm trying to just give in to what I need at the time and not beat myself up about it.

I HAVE found that upping my protein helps with the cravings. Eating a little something every three hours really helps, too. I like reduced- fat Jif on a bran crisp cracker when I am getting hungry. The peanut butter is satisfying and also helps add the protein to my diet, too.

I think we all have to realize that a slip-up from time to time is inevitable. Food tastes GOOD! If food tasted like STICKS we'd all be skinny! We just have to watch what we eat for a day or two after the slip-up, and we will be fine.

Right now I have a lot of changes going on in my life. I have told myself that until I pass this time of many changes , MAINTAINING my fifty pound weight loss is plenty good enough for me right now. When more things are settled in my life, I will be able to go back to the strict routines I had been on to lose my weight. I am OK with this because I have learned that I have to be good to myself even when there are roadblocks in my journey.

Good luck, and keep being good to yourself!

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I have talks with myself too. "Would such and such be worth it in the end?" It helps. Something that also helps is exercise -- it both makes me feel better and reduces hunger.

You may find that the cravings diminish the less you feed them. I have certainly found that to be the case. But I also know that sometimes I do need to allow a craving. I calorie count, so if I am really craving something for several days, I often find a way to include it in one of my days. Over time, I crave less and also need less to fulfill the craving.

Remember that this is a long journey. You don't have to solve all the issues at once!
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