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Talking Does Anyone Have Type-1 Diabetes?

Hi. I'm tweetyandme (Krissie), and i am an insulin dependant diabetic. I started this site back in Feburary, and since then i have gained weight. My doctors tell me it is because of the insulin and the lack of good exercise. I didn't know that insulin could make you gain weight. I've have diabetes for 4 years now, and since first diagnosed with it then, i have gained a total of 40 pounds. Does anyone else have diabetes? I'd like to hear how it is easy for them to lose weight, unlike me. What am i doing wrong? I am always so tired. I have absolutly no energy for anything. Is there anything i can do? A special diet plan maybe?
Also let me ask a private question to all diabetics: Is it normal when your blood sugar goes up to have an overactive bladder? Does anybody know?
Hugs to all!
~tweetyandme (Krissie)
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Hi Tweety!

There is a section on the 3FC forum that deals with diabetes ---

Good luck! I hope that helps!
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Hi Tweety . . . I hope you will join us on the "Dieting with Diabetes" thread. Most of us are Type II but we do have some Type I.

I, personally, am Type II and I use various medications as well as Insulin.

Weight loss is never easy and it definitely gets harder with diabetes of any kind and especially when you hve to take insulin. I'm afraid there is no miracle for contolling the disease or for losing weight, but do come and join us . . . it really helps to know you are not alone. Just use the link already posted by Telemetrynurse and you'll find us.

I also think you need to get to the library and find some info on living with diabetes and the various problems and symptoms that go along with both high and low blood sugar levels.

To answer your first couple of questions . . .

If your blood sugar is high you will definitely need to urinate often and you will also feel tired because the sugar that is needed to fuel you muscles is not getting to them, it is stuck in you blood stream instead.

The best diet for a diabetic is usually the same as what is recommended for anyone who wishes to lose weight. A diabetic has the added need to make sure that the intake of the various major nutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fat) are balanced throughout the day in order to keep your blood sugar as level as possible. Your doctor needs to assist you in setting up an appointment with a dietician who specializes in diabetes education.

Above all else, stay calm, help is available. Diabetes is not curable (yet) but it is controllable. Yes. it takes work and planning but we can all do it. Hope to see you on the diabetes thread really soon.

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