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Originally Posted by cemetarysiren25
What I don't understand is why you would have a tummy tuck BEFORE you lost weight?
This statement was not taken as belittling, or mocking CEME! Infact I took it as an honest question, but where it went from their is appauling, especially from people, you would hope to take advice from , as they had had the surgery!!!! and had it because of pretty much the same reason i needed it!! kids and a weightloss of 50lbs!!!!
I had already done the surgery, so why or how I made the decesion was my business! I posted a question to get support and advice, in the support section i might add, and instead I was ridiculed, put down, and made to sound like i had no clue what the **** i was doing!and i had done a drastic thing as a tummy tuck as a quick fix to weightloss!
I am not new to weightloss/diet's..etc. Infact i am a moderator on a weightloss discussion board, on another site. and to be honest, i would be appauled if any of my moderating team, would so matter of fact jump on a honest question of support negatively!!
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Nicnacmd - in your original post, all you told us that you weighed 240 pounds, you had a tummy tuck, and that you'd be happy to answer any questions about it. You invited questions about your tummy tuck when you posted.

If you look over the responses to your first post, you'll see that people certainly did have questions, given the facts you presented. But I don't think that you were:
'ridiculed, put down, and made to sound like i had no clue what the **** i was doing!and i had done a drastic thing as a tummy tuck as a quick fix to weightloss!'
What I see is an honest and open discussion about the skin issues that many of us face with weight loss and talk about when and why a TT is appropriate. You later came back and took the opportunity to answer many of the questions originally posted and elaborated on your personal decision.

At this point, I'm closing the thread because the discussion is no longer productive.
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