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Default Women losing weight

Hello Everyone,

I am currently on weight watchers and worked my butt off last week and ended up gaining on pound. My leader said it was probably because I was on my menstrual cycle at that time. Has anyone noticed a weight gain during their period? If so would you let me know how it affects your weight. I was so bummed because I had worked so hard... Hopefully it'll so up this week at weigh in.

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Oh boy,

yep yep! periods can definitely play a bad trick on your scale. Don't worry about it too much. I usually don't pay attention to the scale around that time of the month because I know I'm probably bloated and holding on to a few extra pounds. It sometimes goes up a bit, other months, I just stay the same but it won't show any weight loss until after my period.

Plus, remember that some weeks, you're body might not lose just because it's being stubborn and holding on to those dear pounds for a little while longer, but keep up your good work and you will win eventually Don't let that silly scale throw you off course. Wait a bit and if it still won't budge, than talk to your meeting leader and maybe go over your food/activity log to see if there's anything she can suggest But if you're like me, you're just retaining water right now and your weight will soon go down.


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Definately it can fluctuate around the time of your period. You retain water, and all that LOVELY junk! Don't let it get you discouraged. Just keep doing what you are doing, and it'll show AFTER your period!
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Oh! Thank goodness you asked,because I was wondering the same thing. It's that TOM for me,too and I was wondering what effects that had on weight loss. I know now! Thanks
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Oh good lord, YES! I had my TOM last week, and the day before it started, my scale said 285.5, but then 3 days after it started, it said 277--how's THAT for proof?
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I don't ever weight myself during the week of my period. Infact, I don't weigh myself 3 days before or after my period either. I bloat up badly during that time, mainly retaining water.

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I always weight more right before my period, the good thing is I lose quite a few pounds right after.
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