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You're off to a great start!!

I started Weight Watchers at the end of September. I've also been working with a personal trainer for a while. Once I figured out (d'uh!) how to safely curb my eating, I started seeing the scale go down. I added kickboxing to the mix on November 1, and that has really changed my body. Clothes that were too tight a few months ago actually fit, and some are even too big. I've made a lot of progress, but I know I have a long way yet to go. I try to keep looking forward, and not let one setback turn into another and another.

The posts here are so moving and inspirational. I feel very fortunate to have found this site.
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I've lost 91 lb or so over the past year.

It's not easy, I've completely re-educated myself in terms of the way I eat, and I exercise. A LOT. Hard stuff too, like running and lifting and getting absolutely drenched in sweat.

I started at a similar weight to you and it was daunting thinking about how long it would take. But the hardest bit is starting. After that it gets easier and easier as the habits get more ingrained. After about 30lb I really didn't think I could do the same twice more, but over time you just keep doing it because it's a habit, and time passes. You're not perfect every day (or any day ) but your tastes and interests change over time, and what you're doing just becomes normal, every day stuff.

Eating wise I don't follow any specific plan, I just try to eat a range of fruit and vegetables and make healthier choices. Before I started this I ate rubbish because it was all I knew. Now I know that I like spinach and squash and rocket and other healthy stuff it's no harder to cook those than it was to cook the rubbish I used to eat.
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To answer the original question it took me around a year to lose 100 pounds.

That being said - I really liked how funniegirl puts it.
Originally Posted by funniegrrl
If I did all the right things, the weight would come off. I resolved that I would be living like this for the rest of my life, so it didn't matter whether the weight came off in a year or 2 years or 5 years. What was important was that I built a healthy way of eating and moving in such a way that it was an integrated part of my life, not something I did to "lose weight" that would one day be finished.
I taught myself that success doesn't come from a number, it comes from learning about myself, devising strategies, and meeting challenges. With those tools in my belt, I don't have to have the same numbers-driven result-oriented outlook that most dieters have, and that is what has kept me on track all this time.
Sorry if I shortened it a little - but those parts spoke to me especially.
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I have lost around 40 pounds since the beginning of September.

I joined a gym where they measure your resting metabolic rate and from that, I created a calorie budget. I log my food into CalorieKing daily and try to stay at or under budget.

I started working out right at the beginning and have worked my way up from 2 50-minute strength training sessions/week to 3 sessions (and increased weights) and from 3 25-minute cardio sessions/week to 4 50-minute cardio sessions/week.

Hope this helps!
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