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Unhappy I can't get motivated to exercise

Grr, I know I should exercise because otherwise I don't
lose weight. But I just can't! I keep telling myself
to just do it but ahh... I don't have the motivation.

Anyone else having this annoying problem?
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I like jewelry.
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Yes, it's hard to get started.

A little secret: The first ten minutes or so of cardio are hard, and you want to give up. But if you push through those first ten minutes, you'll feel better.

Maybe you could start by going for a walk around the block?

Good luck!
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I definatley have that same problem. Ugh. But then after I actually do it, I feel great. I guess I just have to push myself really hard to just do it. Blah...
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I've had this problem a lot. In the past I've been a gym member, had a few exercise videos at home, had bike at home. I stuck with the gym thing better than I expected, I think about 3 months or so, but really found that I dreaded going (I think it was a lot of a social issue for me, I did not like working out in front of people).

Lately I think I've found a sliver of success in the WATP videos. They are a lot of fun for me, and I've been doing them at least once a week (which is seriously an accomplishment for me) for about 2-3 months now. I found with a lot of the other cardio videos, not only was I so poorly in shape that I found either my lungs or my chest aching after so long, but the coordination required really discouraged me. With these I get such a boost afterwards (and it's nice to warm my body up in the cold weather ).

I think it's really about finding what you enjoy the most. And that's different for every person. Like the gym for me, was too socially intimidating and when I realized that was the biggest reason I didn't want to go, I slipped into the comfortable schedule of working out at home and that was much better. Anyways, I hope this helps, just my 2 cents.
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Try making little deals with yourself... I don't allow myself to have coffee in the morning (and I've GOT to have coffee to get me through the day!) until I've spent 20 minute on the treadmill.
Also, think of yourself as "someone who exercises". You may not be the size you want to be at present, but you're "someone who exercises".
ie: "I am a runner!!"

Good lucky, Kristy!
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It is hard to get yourself motivated. It was hard for me at first to go out and exercise. Then I thought to myself, instead of sitting on my couch and watching tv, I can go to gym and walk while watching TV. Once my weight was coming off it was easy for me. That was my motivation, and when I felt like skipping my workouts I always thought about how I felt when scale was down by pound or two. So, I think you can start with just walking a few blocks or get on the treadmill and just walk few minutes. Then may be increase the duration or make it little harder. But I am sure I already know what to do, just doesn't have the motivation. Thinking about losing weight helps me to get motivated and get on with my exercise. I hope you'll find motivation to exercise!!!

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There are many days when I DO NOT DO NOT want to exercise. I'm literally putting on my shoes saying "I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS." Usually, once I get started I'm fine -- as TBJ said, 10 minutes in I'm usually happy.

But this isn't about what I want. It's about what I need to do for myself. Do you want to pay your taxes? No, but you want to avoid jail and fines, so you do. Or put it another way. Do you really want to lose weight? You may not WANT to exercise, but what do you want MORE? Do you want to be in the prison of a body that doesn't work well because it's too big and unfit??

Luckily, exercise is usually more satisfying than paying taxes!
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Well put, wyllenn.

I was doing well for a while there, walking on the treadmill
5 days out of 7 - 30 minutes at a time but I come up with
excuses not to do it.

Thanks gals - I do know I have to do this in order to reach
my goal. Maybe I should put my inspiration in my siggy....
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I have to force myself to exercise. Most of the time I have no desire to, so I force myself. Sometimes ya gotta just do it when you don't feel motivated.
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I'm bringin' SEXY back!!!
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I actually like exercising now but there are definitely days when I don't feel like being bothered. But a wise woman on this site posted that motivation is not enough, you have to be determined. Determination is what pushes you through when you have no motivation left. That is what gets me exercising on those days that I just want to sit around or go to sleep or do anything else but exercise.
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When I'm having a really tough time staying motivated to do cardio, I tell myself this: thirty minutes on the elliptical out of a 24 hour day is nothing. And the benefit of working my butt off for those 30 measly minutes is the remaining 23.5 hours of that day when I feel FANTASTIC about my health, my body, and about working actively toward my goal.

That DOESN'T mean I'm able to stay motivated all the time. Be even when I'm NOT motivated, I do it anyway.

And like Wylenn said, there are some days when I end up mumbling "I don't WANT to do this!" the entire 10 minutes it takes to get to the gym. And there have even been times when I've spent the entire 30 minutes on the elliptical thinking, "ARGH! I hate this!" But you know what? It is absolutely, positively WORTH THE EFFORT. I promise you that.

Starting out is definitely rough...but the more you do it, the more of a habit it will become. And just about at the time it becomes a habit, you'll start seeing a difference in your body...which gives you inspiration to keep on doing it.

My biggest piece of advice about motivation is DON'T count on motivation. You simply can't always depend on it. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do it.

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Originally Posted by Softykins
[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][B]Grr, I know I should exercise because otherwise I don't
lose weight.
I rarely ever exercise. Because I hate it.

Calories in vs calories out. To lose weight you need to take in fewer calories than your body burns. That's why it's important to find your calorie level that coincides with your activity level
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I motivate myself to exercise by simply knowing what my body looks like/will look like in the future from doing it...and what it looks like when I don't.

Before I had children I ranged from 130-145 in weight (I have always fluctuated easily) and wore a size 8-12, but I didn't really exercise all that much.

Even though I am heavier now, I have more muscle definition and I am more
fit than I was back then. I have muscles...and ab definition. My motivation is that my reduced calorie eating may help me lose weight and maintain my loss...but exercise is what makes things firm and shapely.

It isn't just about weighing a low weight. You can weigh 120 or 130 and still have hangy triceps (backs of arms) or flabby inner thighs. Diet can make you smaller, but only exercise can firm and shape your body.
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If I waited until I was motivated to exercise, I just wouldn't do it.
Having said that I have been exercising regularly since February (you know you've become a gym rat when even the casual Saturday staff know you by name and ask how the weight loss is going!!!)
I have things I have never had before, like shoulder blades, and shapely upper arms that I can actually uncover to the rest of the world.
And when you exercise regularly you can afford to up your calories a little, giving you a bit more room to have a treat without it jeapordising your efforts.
Exercise also gives you soemthing to do if comfort eating or boredom eating is a problem. If you do it in a gym or a pool you will make new friends who have similar goals to you.
It releases happy endorphins, and gives you a natural high and sense of well being.
There are a million reasons to get out there and do it, whether you feel like it or not!!!!
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I started exercising by joining a "10,000 steps" program run by my employer. They gave you a pedometer, and then each week the goal was to increase the average number of steps you took each day by 10%. That seemed doable - just a little bit more walking to start with than I was already doing. And by the end of the program, I made it up to 10,000 steps per day! (About 4 miles, for me). I kept up with that for another couple of months (any given day I can take between 3000 and 18000 steps, but the goal is to keep the average up), and then felt like taking the next step to a more formal exercise program - I joined a gym, and started taking yoga and walking on the treadmill. Now I'm lifting weights and using the elliptical machine.
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