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Question Need some advice

Hello, I have been "lingering around" this forum for several weeks now! I love it! You guys are soo cool and good to each other. I need some advice. I have been loosing steady for the last 5 weeks. I have lost 17 lbs and have not been exercising. I live in a cold climate and do not want to join a gym. Anyway enough excuses. My question is how much longer can I go without excersing? And what should I start to do? What did you guys start with. Thanks for your input!
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Well, I actually started and am still doing Tae-Bo. I started with the videotapes in the beginning and now am doing the bootcamp series.

I don't know how long you can without exercising although I think you should. It'll help you be healthier and give you tons of energy, not to mention that it may speed up the weight loss!

Since you don't want to go to a gym in the cold or anything then I would suggest getting videos and dvds to do at home. There's a load of different ones out there. Just give them a shot and find out which ones you like. You could also try renting them first so you don't spend the money on them and finding you hate them! Good luck and hope to see you around the boards!
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Jennifer--Welcome! I started without exercise as well. I only just began a serious venture into regular daily (almost) exercise at the end of August. It really spurred quick weight loss for over a month, but now I continue for health benefits as well. I, personally, would reccommend exercise now because you will loss weight more quickly and tone and build up muscle, making you more lean. When I get to my goal weight I want a flat, tight tummy and the only way to get that is through exercise.
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Truth is, some people can lose all the weight they want without ever exercising. I honestly don't think my 30 minutes on the elliptical 3 times a week does much for my weight loss, but I do it kinda out of habit now. However, that doesn't mean you should never exercise at all. I've heard countless stories about women who reach a certain weight that they have been before but look better at that weight now because of exercise. For example, you could be a flabby 200 pounds or you could exercise and be a fitter, thinner 200 pounds, ya know?

If you're not exercising at all and are basically sedentary, I have heard that walking is the best way to start because you can do that anywhere. If it's too cold, maybe just try some workout videos. I LOVE Tae-Bo, and though I've never tried it, I've heard good thing about Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds series.

Just remember that no matter what workout you decide to do or try, you may not be able to complete a whole video or last very long. Just do what you can and gradually increase you time and/or intensity as you go. I know my 30 minutes 3 times a week isn't much, but it's still more than I could do when I started at 310 pounds. Good luck!
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Jennifer -- I started focusing on eating in July, and didn't start serious exercise until September. But even before Sept, I tried to focus on just MOVING more. You know, up the stairs for that extra item I forgot, or doing a little more around the house. Get your body used to moving.

When I started exercise, I started with the treadmill. Ours is conveniently in the basement, and some days it is a real struggle to get myself down there. There are lots of videos you could do at home. The key is to get started!

Where are you in Alaska?
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Thanks soooo much guys. It is nice to hear that people here started like I did! You guys are such an inspiration to me. I think I am going to take all of your advice and start something. Haven't quite decided what yet, but something! PS Wyllen I am in a small town called Kasilof it is in southcenteral Alaska. I love it here. It is soo pretty and not many people Ha
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Hi there! Back when I started exercising, I bought an exercise bike and put it in the spare bedroom. I started biking 3 days per week, 30 minutes per day, at a low resistance. I upped my time by just a few minutes per day, and eventually biked one of the MS Society bike rides. Just start out really slowly.
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hi alaska chick try walking your stairs at home. there are other things like situps leg raises. your metabolism needs to work to burn the calories. good luck glen
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Yep Same thing here.. started by doing a work out Cd and had to move on when it became to easy. So its perfectly fine with what your doing. Just hold yourself accountable and get in and get your workouts done.
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I like the Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds DVD. I have the one with the 1 mile and 2 mile. It makes me sweat but the time goes by rather fast when I use it. The 2 mile only takes 30 min to get through and the good thing is that temperature doesn't matter cause your in the comfprt of your own space. It is low impact so it doesn't hurt my joints or knees but I can really feel it while I'm doing it. I plan to move on to tae bo after I take off a little more weight cause I've heard that those tapes kick butt! It is all personal preference. I agree that you should rent or borrow a couple of tapes before you buy them that way you get something you can do and stick with and you don't waste your money. Congrats on your success so far and good luck keeping it going.
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In the past I lost about 20 lbs without exercising at all. However, when I went off my diet and gained it all back, I looked chubbier than when I had started. Since I hadn't been working out at all, and my body was in diet-starvation mode, everything came back on as fat (straight to my midsection too ). I am working out now. I find that trying to do a 3 times a week, or an every other day deal, is just too much for me(mentally, not physically). I aim for 2 workout videos during the week, and some kind of 'real' activity on the weekends (like hiking). However, with that I have been able to push myself to do much more. Tried Tae Bo at first, it is a little difficult for me coordination-wise. Due to excellent recommendations on these boards, I bought WATP (got 1, 2 and 3 mile). Love the 1 and 2 mile. Either a 20 min or 30 min workout, very easy, don't have to think, gets me movin, doesn't require a lot of room, and I find Leslie and her group to be quite pleasant. I don't exercise so much for the weight loss, but it has really occurred to me that this whole 'diet' thing and 'exercise' thing is something I need to do for the rest of my life. And honestly, exercising a little is easier, so that if I screw up with eating a little, it won't all go straight to my tummy.
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I try to get in some sort of exercise every day, not jsut for weight loss, but for health too. you CAN be thin and unhealthy. I like to walk outside in the summer time too, but it gets cold here in the winter also (Michigan). I have a treadmill in the basement and I have some tapes. I love the Ty BO tapes also but I can't do them because of the kicking. Bad back. You might want to get some exercise tapes from the library before you put out the money and buy one. You may not like them all. If your library is small they will order them for you.
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