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Default Good and Bad

Hi everyone!
Good news: I made several good choices this week. I passed by the donuts & bagels at work and had an orange instead even though the sugar was screaming my name but I was very proud. I work in a hospital that has the best french fries....I got a side salad to go with my sandwhich instead. Some of you posted about feeling triumphant over the decision and not focus on the food I can't have. That's what I did and I felt great about it.

Bad news: Even all that feeling good didn't stop me today when someone brought donuts into work...I made a beeline to the box and ate a big apple fritter!! It was really good but I was dissappointed in myself for not even thinking about it first. I'm not beating myself up too bad knowing I've only been at this a week but how long do you think it takes before the "healthy habit" feeling kicks in where I will automatically want the good and not the bad anymore?

I hope everyone else is having a good day!!

~ Sandra

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Hi Sandra

GOOD FOR YOU for (1) not giving in when the sugar was calling your name, (2) BEING PROUD of resisting that temptation, (3) for focusing on the victory rather than the "deprivation" factor, and (4) for not beating yourself up about the very yummy-sounding apple fritter!

In answer to this question:
Originally Posted by OneLastTime
but how long do you think it takes before the "healthy habit" feeling kicks in?
"They" say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Now, I don't know who "they" are and where "they" got their info, but it seems to usually work that way for me. Usually . But when I was changing my eating habits, it was a bit tougher and I think it took longer than that. Everything with my eating really snowballed in relation to how I felt (meaning as I started to have more energy, as my clothes got looser, etc). When I started seeing/feeling results, all I wanted to DO was keep up the habit! Because it's a habit that WORKS!!!

And I think because I made very slow, small changes over a long time these will be habits for life. Once you get into "habit mode" there's nothing like it in the world, and you actually start to be excited about living the rest of your life with healthy food choices because it feels so darn good.

Just my opinion/experience .

Editing now to add:

Hmmm. Re-read your post and am trying to figure out what to say about the "automatically" making good food choices part of your question. I don't think I'll EVER "automatically" make the right food choices. I'm going to have to think about every single crumb I put in my mouth for the rest of my life. Eating "automatically" was what made me a tight size 18, after all . I do, however "automatically" stop, think, and make a very conscious choice every single time I have any kind of food encounter. As my cousin the Marine would say, "It's a target-rich environment" out there in our society, with really tempting and VERY unhealthy food everywhere you look, so I know I have to be aware all the time of EXACTLY what I am putting into my mouth. So I guess I've switched from "automatic" to "manual" for life . I did go on "semi-automatic" on my birthday, tho....but now my weaponry metaphor is getting a little lame so I'll stop typing .

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Originally Posted by OneLastTime
...but how long do you think it takes before the "healthy habit" feeling kicks in where I will automatically want the good and not the bad anymore?
I guess it's different with everyone. I've been watching what I eat basically for 20 years now. To this day some days I can't resist the temptation other days it's easy. It does get easier with time though and the less you have of the foods that are not good for you, the less you want them. 10 years ago I would've had to talk to myself not to have that donut, but now I just walk by them with no problem, donuts are just not my thing anyways, BUT offer me a piece of dark chocolate or wine this is where I have a difficult time in saying no, BUT I am getting better though...

I also think that our taste buds change over time, what I liked then I can't stand now OR the vegetables that I disliked back then I absolutely LOVE now!
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