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Default my first day here!

i do not know if i am even in the right forum, there are so many to choose from. well, my name is tracy. i live in haltom city texas. i have about 75 lbs to lose and do not know how to go about doing it. up until i was 26 i was always a size 8 and weighing about 135 lbs. when i had two children (literally back to back) my highest weight was 260 lbs. i am now about 200 lbs. i have tried every diet out there and even threw in some exercise, but to no avail. i would lose upwards of 8 lbs or so and just give up. i do not know why i just cannot stick to a plan. i do not know how to eat. well, that is a lie, i do know how to eat. i just cannot make myself do it. my whole family realy is overweight. i just never knew i would be "one of them". i have always taken up for my family when crude remarks were made. and now, i am hearing those. "oh, but you have such a pretty face." well, your not THAT big. " ok, i am a size 16-18. i am THAT big! i just need a little help and guidence from people who are as disapointed in themselves as i have become but have overcome it all. i want my self esteem back. i do not want to cry everytime i go to buy new clothes and none of them fit. always leaving the store disappointed and go right for mcdonalds afterwards. i am SICK of it! i am so depressed that i do not want to go anywhere. i know people will be looking at me judging me. i even poke fun at myself for fear that if i don't do it someone will beat me to it. i have read a lot on here and i am so proud of all the success stories. what are ya'll doing? i have a wedding to go to in 4 weeks and would like to at least lose a dress size or two. can anyone help me? thank you!
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welcome lilly!

i feel youre pain! i hope you received the private message i sent

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hi lilly!
Yes I was in the same boat that you were in only 3 days ago. I was just absolutely disgusted with myself. But you know what, no matter what anyone tells you or doesnt tell you, you're not gonna do it until you make up in your mind, in your heart, in your soul that this is something that YOU want to do for YOU!
I know that I never exercised, ate everything I was not supposed to eat, and now I loooove looking forward to my daily walk and exercise. It's away for me to beat my depression, exercising is a way for me to get rid of a lot of this aggression that I have built up.
It's a way to redirect those negative energies. I put my mind to it, I weight 300+ lbs, I have lost FIVE pounds since this Tuesday!! Seeing those results made me soooo proud of myself, and I see that MY hardwork is POSITIVELY affecting ME. And I know that the only way I am going to lose this weight is if I do it myself. I'm not gonna wake up one day and it's just gonna be magically gone. No one is gonna exercise, and eat right and lose it for me! I am not on ANY diet. I still eat my regular foods, but I LIMIT what I eat AND I only eat when I am hungry. And if I feel like I'm hungry but I know i'm really not, I'll snack on some grapes or a bowl of cereal until the next mealtime.
I know that If I sat around and complained any longer I was only going to get BIGGER AND BIGGER AND BIGGER.. that is a sad reality, and that is NOT how I Want to be. So I had to finally decide to do this FOR ME! And with the help of the wonderful people here at 3FC I've been able to make that happen. It's only been for a few days, you know, but that's a few days that I can credit myself with being responsible for!
I wish you the best, and I hope that you start to feel better soon. AND I hope that you can reach your goal!
Maybe you can start off by walking for 15 minutes, it'll give you a chance to clear your mind, and exercise your body at the same time.
Sorry for writing so much. Didn't realize it was this long lol
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Default Hang in there

The most importand thing to keep in mind is that you don't have to loose it all right away. Small successes count! You said you lost 8LB in the past? Well that is great! Trouble is, many people give up after an initial success, they feel they have to revard themselves with food, or something happens in their lives that stresses them out and they get discouraged. To you I would recomend to find a support system right away. Weight Watchers is very good. Or you could involve your family and create your personal weight loss group (you said they were all overweight, too). Best of luck to you!

1st goal :

Do or, do not. There is no try.-Yoda-
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