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Default Starting ALL over??

As far as my weight, I have to start ALL over now.

I bought a new scale finally (the WW digital one) and as I expected, my weight was off on our old cheap dial scale.

It sucks, because now I don't know what I weighed 3 weeks ago, and if anything I've been doing has actually been working.

I was weighing in at 260 when I first started, but this was on the old scale, and it seemed to go down to 255/254. Well now I step on the new one, and I'm up to 265. But its weird, because when my boyfriend steps on both of them, they are just about the same, just a few pounds off for him. I don't know if the old one gets more inaccurate the heavier you are???

So, should I keep my 5 to 6 lb weight loss as right? And just assume that I was around 270 when I started?

Any thoughts would be welcome!!

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I've noticed that as a scale wears out that the heavier you are, the worse off the reading. I could stand on Mom's old one and weigh 150 when I was actually closer to 275. My brother could hop on their at 160 and it be accurate.

Since it shows a loss I would just adjust your starting number up the number of pounds you have lossed thus far. By the time you lose a few more pounds, you'll forget your scale was off and it will sound better when you can say you've lost xx amount of pounds.
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All scales are calibrated to themselves, so your progress is accurate even if the number that gets displayed isn't. You've lost weight regardless of what the actual number is.

Personally, I don't think the exact number is quite important until you're close to your goal.
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Hi Everyone, This is the first time, I am posting here. I am need of a lot of support and encouragement. I have not been on program the right way, for months now. Finally, the scale showed a 6 lb. gain. I knew it had to come sooner or later. I have to get started again, my motivation is not where it should be. I am having a lot of trouble with my legs and a lot of joint pain. Walking is agony and I live in a small city, where I have to be able to walk. Hope I can share with all of you. I weighed myself and I am up to 268lbs. Hope you don't mind that I am 65 yrs old. However, I am a real young 65 yrs. People say I don't look it, that I look much younger. I just wishI could control my weight. Thanks for listening. I'll BBL. Lucyee
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Default Lucyee

Welcome...I am pretty new here too. I am a fellow "Mature Woman". I will be 55 soon. The weight issue is something that we all have in common. I have been dealing with this since 4th grade. It doesn't seem to go away. But last year 3-31-04 I had good and bad news. I was diagnosed diabetic. Family history and I have always been big. I have probably lost 100 pounds 4 times in my life and gained it back. But this time is different. I want to LIVE...and fear is a great motivator. I knew I was borderline for a few years and chose not to do anything about it. A person can delay or stop the onset of diabetes by making lifestyle changes. But I did not do that. Now I am trying to get a grip on it so no complications set in. The moral to this story is I have lost 50 pounds and been at the same weight for 9 months without gaining it back. Something that I have NEVER done before. But now is the time for me to get back to the business of losing weight. I have alot more to go. I am following a basic diabetic exchange diet which all of the doctors say is good for anyone. I know a few things that really helped me. Exercise is very important. I couldn't walk but about 5 min at a time when I started and now I can go one hour or more on the treadmill if I am on a roll. Lose that desperate feeling that you have to lose fast and that you have to be perfect. The best weight loss is 1-2- pounds per week and you need to find a meal plan that you can live with the rest of your life. There is nothing that I cannot have on this program I just have to figure it into my daily allowances of proteins, fats and carbs. If I overdue it one day or one meal I just take a deeeep breath and make better choices the next time. If you are interested in learning about this way of approaching food go to http://www.diabetes.org/home.jsp
there is lots of information there. I would love to be your weight loss buddy if you want. One meal at a time, one step at a time and one day at a time. This diagnosis was a blessing in disguise for me. I am healthier now than I have ever been. Cindi
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Dear Cindi, So glad to hear from you! I have also been struggling with this weight since the 4th grade. Fortunately, I do not have diabetes, as you do, but it sounds like you have really gotten a handle on things and that you are doing really well. I am happy for you. It is great to share with someone going through, the same things, as myself. I have been lacking in motivation lately, due to a lot of emotional problems in my life. As you probably can relate to me, I eat when I am sad or happy. No difference. Food has been my comfort. Anyway, I have to get moving and do something, now because of my difficulty being able to walk.I just went to the store before, about two blocks away and two blocks back. Now, I am wiped out for the day. My Doctor wants to do an MRI to find out, what is wrong exactly, but in the meantime, losing weight would help take pressure off my joints. I am missing out on a lot of social things and can barely get my necessities done. Thanks for sharing all your ups and downs, with me. Hopefully we can support one another. It is worth it. Take care Lucyee
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