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Default Really Need Some Support Right Now

I just got back from my daily walk. I had a hard time getting going today as it was. I've had a headache all day and I worked outside in the yard all day in the heat so I really didn't want to go. But I commited myself to a summer goal of trying to walk 5-6 days a week. So I went. As most of you have come to realize once you get going you feel good, even great about it and you forget all about not wanting to be out there. I was at my halfway point which is (hard to explain this) on the block behind mine and directly behind my own house. Except you cant see my house because there are deep woods between my block and the next. So I'm walking along and I hear a car. I look back and I stop to let this car (the neighbor behind me) get in their driveway and when I do she frantically starts waving her arms in what I now see was a "hurry up and cross, I'm waiting" motion. She then says to me as I cross her driveway, "if you dont pick up the pace you'll never lose all that fat". I thought maybe I heard wrong but just knew in my heart I didn't. My breath taken away and my stomach feeling like I swallowed a large lump of something, I did pick up my pace to get out of there and just then her approx. 12 year old son (mind you who cuts through my yard almost every day of the week) shouts out "loser". I turn around to see if he is looking at me and he goes "yeah you". I have to tell ya it was all I could do not to cry the whole way home from there. If there was ever an excuse to eat myself silly tonight is it. I dont even know these people, only in passing and I cant think of a thing I have ever done to offend them. As I said our properties both go into the woods and so thats our only common border. We dont dump in them or set fires. We dont let our dogs run wild. I am just confused as to why they would be so mean to me. Need a hug right now
Thanks for letting me vent here.



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Consider yourself hugged my dear! What a couple of total idiots Kim! Atleast we can tell where her son gets his horrible disrespect of people. Like mother like son. Don't let mean, unkind people like that get to you. Some people aren't happy unless they are making other people feel small to make themselves feel big. They are NOT worth the time you are giving them. Just consider the source and forget it. Know that you are a special human being who is working very hard to take care of herself, and walking is so good for you. Just think how sad those two are to need to do that to you. But don't waste any time feeling sorry for them they don't deserve it. Call someone you love and that loves you. It will make you feel sooooooo much better. You have a home here and we all care. Cindi
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Way to go on the GREAT weight loss too dear. WHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO! Your doing wonderful. Cindi
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I'm sorry..
Don't you let those rude jerks get ya down sweetie..
I'm a true believer in Karma and they will get theirs.. in the meantime.. Good for you for going out and walking even when you don't feel particularly like it.. You are a winner and don'tcha let some smart-mouthed punk ever make you feel like you aren't!!
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Hi Cindy, I am so sorry for what you went though, but don't you dare let what other people say or think about you set you back you have worked to hard and come to far, besides you have better things to think about like how good and healthy you feel and how sexy you are going to look when you reach your goal. Keep your head up and keep pushing on. I am hear for you when ever you need to talk.

Hugs and kisses
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Hey My name is Cindy and I have been on the same end of rude comments from both adults and rotten brats.
One thing is that dont let them set you back. Not one bit hang in there.
I did that I went and I cried. I let it out because I needed to.
Sometimes a good cry is what we need.
And as for the loud mouth loser, never let them talk to you like that.
Maybe hey okay, Im gonna lose my weight but you will always be just plain ole UGLY.
I always shouted back at them because no one not ever is going to say something to me and think that they are going to get away with it.
Sometimes people dont feel that way that they should say something back but im not keeping my anger inside. Im letting it out on the people that make me mad.. Not myself.
Ive been there and still am with the stares and all.It will go away and like I said.. You will lose the weight and they will always be UGLY.
Keep focused stay strong and never let them get to you.
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