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Canadian Momma
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Question Where do you lose your inches?

I have been measuring myself as I lose weight and I have lost across my bust, through my chest and my waist - but (I should say BUTT! ) not a darn thing across my abdomen and thighs.

I heard once that you lose weight from the top down and I guess I am following that rule. Anyone else have a spot that just won't budge?
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I think my stomach is always the worst, but I'd never bothered measuring before so I guess I'll see this time around. I know I lose weight in my face first. People always ask if I've lost weight as soon as I lose just a few pounds, and I know that small amount can't be noticable anywhere else on my body.
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Many people here have said that you lose last from the place you gained first. For me that seems to be holding true as my tummy is the last to go. Unfortunately, the bust went first.
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AH--I wish that rule were true with me. My lower belly was the last place to get its fat stores followed by my thighs and then my butt. I've lost the most from my waist (4.25 inches) then my my thighs followed by my arms.
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I was fairly lucky I guess, I lost inches around my waist and stomach first followed by my hips and arms and then my bust and thighs last of all. I know the very last place I lost any weight was around my face and it was what most people commented on lol.

It was annoying really because the whole time I was losing weight I'd be a size smaller through the waist for ages...then my lower half would catch up for like a couple weeks and then I'd lost a heap more around the waist again lol.

I think in totals though I lost 6" around the waist, 5" around the hips and the bust well, that was just too depressing to want to actually record :P

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I can tell you this, it is not my belly. I lost weight in my face and breasts first, but I hate my belly the most. I want it gone!
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I have lost inches around my thighs, hips, and waist. I am not really sure about my arms, though. Hmm...
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Today is a New Day!
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I lose in my butt and legs first then more evenly. I always say I look like a tube of toothpaste squeezed from the bottom up. My bust and stomach are always the last to go.
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feel your pain, I lose 10inches on my hips and not much on my waist
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Of course the first places I lose weight is in my face and my boobs! I wish that was my tummy and my butt!! LOL! I have finally dropped a size though.
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the first place I lost were my thighs- and they've continued to be the biggest losses, but they WERE the biggest though too...

I've always liked my top half- when I started i only had a 33" waist - I thought that was good (but 44" abs), now I'm down to 28.25" waist and 37 inch abs

Everything's kinda evened out now (after 8 months)- I've lost everywhere about equal- at least proportionatly equal...
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I think it probably depends on your body type...I have the same problem, I think it's just that our bodies hold onto fat more strongly in our hips and thighs, which is actually the most common thing for women's bodies to do. I asked my personal trainer about it and he said to just keep working at it and I would eventually see results. But I can relate though it is frustrating to be a pear!!
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I don't know if anybody else has noticed this, but I definitely have lost somewhat disproportionately. My waist is DEFINITELY the first place my loss shows, and I'm actually at least two sizes larger on the bottom than I am on top! My arms, sadly, are slowwwwwww to shrink, but they're getting there a little at a time.

So weird where our bodies choose to shed inches!
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Since starting Curves in November, I've lost a total of 20lbs and 18 inches overall. And although I haven't quite dropped a dress size, I've lost an entire CUP size! Arghh... when I was thin I was a C, now I'm heavy, was a D and lost 20 and back to a C... hope they don't disappear all together!! And you can definitely tell in my face, and I'm starting to get some visible upper arm muscles.
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I always lose weight first from my face, then my boobs, waist and hips. My legs seem to carry all my surplus weight and are the hardest to reduce- I really hate that when shorts season rolls around .
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