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Default College and Weight

Ok, maybe I am completely disillusioned, but I have this idea that I will actually LOSE weight when I go to college in the fall. Here's why: I will be having a limited meal plan, so I won't have a kitchen to rummage through when bored ( I have been on campus and there are healthy options...they have a frozen yogurt machine!! ). I will be BUSY. I will be walking mostly everywhere (no car in 2 months ) I was just wondering what your guys college experiences have been ( or currently are)?
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Hopefully you'll be one of the lucky ones that won't gain and will actually lose weight in the first year of college I gained the dreaded freshman 15 (actually more like 20lbs) but that's probably just cos I love food too much! I also had roommates that just adored cookies and cakes and kept our room fully stocked. But you seem to have your plan figured out so you should be fine. Good luck!
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You school sounds like the one I go to. I'm alotted a certain amount of meals per quarter (10 weeks) and everything's within walking distance.

My first year at college, while a happy one, did render a 40 pound weight gain, partially due to me not choosing healthier options at school and partially because I was taking medication that caused weight gain.

Yes, you can lose weight when you get to college. Does your college offer any gym facilities? My dorm has one in the basement plus there's a fitness club for school members about a mile away from school that offers various classes like yoga and kick boxing.

Good luck!
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My first year was mixed. I didnt gain an kilo in the first semester, then in the second everything fell apart (life-wise) and I got really depressed and ate ALL the time, never went out of my room etc, which resulted in about a 10kg or 22 pound weight gain.

I live "on campus" but my Hall is a self catered one, meaning we make all our own meals. The kitchens are actually in a seperate building so if i wanted too i wouldnt have to keep any food around me. However, i have a mini-fridge in my room thats always well stocked (with healthy things at the moment lol) and a cupboard also well stocked (again healthily).

I have lost since about october last year around 20kgs or 45 pounds and have been keeping it off. It's all a matter of watching what you eat and being physically active. We all know what foods to avoid by now lol, and if you have to walk everywhere it's even better. I have to walk everywhere too, and even places i could catch a bus too I walk there instead. I joined the University gym, and go there regularly. Also, take up some college sports if there are any that interest you, i joined the soccer team but unfortunatly work commitments meant i had to quit, Grrr!

Basically I havent had a problem losing or maintaining weight at Uni, in fact it's easier than at home since here I can buy exactly what i want. It was really because i let my mental state become so negative that i even gained in the first place. Our minds are our most powerful tool, so i guess it is not surprising that whatever attitude you have, will affect your weight!
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My opinion: As long as you limit the amount of snacks you have in your room within your reach (like, during 3 am study sessions...), you're fine.

I've gained about 20 pounds over two years in college, and it's a miracle it hasn't been more. Snacking was the worst- cup o noodles (whoever invented that should be assassinated!) and high sodium, high fat GARBAGE. Sesame chicken from the chinese place down the street twice a week. Not to mention all the alcohol, which was where all of my money went.

I'd lose five or ten pounds easily when I stopped with snacking so much- even if I drank a few times a week. I'd even allow myself cookies (the only good thing in the caf) and it wasn't so bad from all the walking, limited plan, etc.

Is this your first year or what? It sounds like you'll be just fine. Good luck!
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I lost the majority of weight in my last year of University (I lived on campus).

My school had a very flexible eating plan so I could pick and choose what I wanted. I asked for smaller portions of rice and stuff too when that stuff was served to me.

I kept some Lean Cuisines in my freezer in my dorm and nuked those some of the time. I also always ate breakfast in my room. I used my campus gym contsantly too.

Also since it was my last eyar I pretty much abstained from alcohol and just had a bagel or whateever when my friends would order pizza. I would still sit with them and gossip, they didn't care what I ate.

Anyways good luck, I lost about 70lbs in my last year of Uni!


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I didn't have a car all through college so I did a lot of walking here and there and once I did get a car after college, I did gain some weight. Everyone I knew gained some weight when they first started college because there is a lot of snacking during those late night study sessions and the cafeteria didn't have the healthiest options. I was a rare case where I initially lost weight but only because I didn't eat at all for a few months. (Depression left me with 0 appetite so I just didn't eat) Once I started eating again (when I went home for summer), I gained the weight back but was back at my previous weight. Then stayed there for a year, then started gaining weight the last 3 years. So what I would definitely recommend is keeping a fridge in your dorm room with healthy snacks and try to choose the healthiest thing in the cafeteria.
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Im bad at losing weight
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first year at college helped me gain about 4 or 5 lbs. thats good for me because i live in the bay area where the only thing there is to do is EAT! GRUB! or smoke pot. so thats what i did. but i joined the gym, and played pool ( not really exercise) and just smoked alot of weed. i didnt eat unless i was stoned, but i got stoned only once a day, so i ate only once a day. it was good times. starting second year soon, i am exercising everyday, to lose the 5 lbs i gained and then some more. I think college can either break you or make you....weight wise.
good luck
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I put on about 20 pounds in my first year of college, I was living off campus, but walked to school most of the time. I also pulled a deep muscle in my stomach and couldn't workout ( I actually had a class where the final was to run 12km's). I think if you want to lose weight it doesn't necessarily matter where you are, just that you make the conscious decision of what you are putting into your mouth.
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I think a big reason why a lot of people gain weight is probably drinking, and I don't think I'm going to in college. I have been drunk before (and high) and its not THAT amazing to me. Especially being high, I get paranoid and it makes me eat EVERYTHING i see. lol. I want to concentrate on my studies and making friends. I think the biggest issue for me is going to be making sure I stay social. If I become a hermit crab, I will get depressed and turn to my best friend (and worst enemy), food. So I think for me, I'm going to concentrate on staying social/active and my studies. I have orientation on the 17th, so I will be able to see what its going to be like (and how easy it will be for me to make healthy choices). The college I'm going to has a buffet style cafeteria, so it does kind of scare me. THe upside is that I don't usually binge in front of others, and a buffet means LOTS of choices.
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