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Default Can anyone help me?

Can anyone help me?

I'm a 32 year old women, very sedentary (have an office job & working from home in lockdown), 5 ft 8 or 9 & currently weighing 193 pounds,

Fat secret gave me a caloric intake goal of 1,800 to lose weight & i've been eating less than that every day - sometimes much less (I really want to lose the weight),

I'm used to eating much more than this & maintaining (2-2,500 on a normal day) and i've not had a healthy diet for a long time. In the past when i've gone on diets i.e. slimming world, i've lost around 2 pounds per week.

This time i've switched to much healthier foods (less carbs, more healthy fats (nuts, avocado, olive oil) & lots of fish & veg) because I really want to change my relationship with food and my body & eat the things they say are good for you.

The first week went well - I lost 4 pounds However, this week i've gained a pound of that back...

My caloric intake this week has been the following:

5th - 1663
6th - 1549
7th - 1564
8th - 1390
9th - 1726
10th - 1320
11th - 1334

To give you an example of what i'm eating on a normal day:

Breakfast - 2 Weetabix, milk & strawberries or bananna

Lunch - Chicken breast or Goat's cheese salad (Baby leaf, cucumber, cherry toms, onion, celery, beetroot, sometimes extras like gherkins or a few olives or 1/2 avocado)

Snack - Very small portion of nuts (i.e. 5 cashews), 2 squares of dark choc, apple & 6 grapes

Dinner - Baked Cod fillet, Chickpeas with onions, broccli & grean beans

Snack - Sugar free jelly & a mandarin or fat free yoghurt & berries

I've also switched to only drinking water with lemon & the occasional sugar free squash.

For me, this is literally the healthiest I have ever eaten!

I am tired ALL THE TIME, often hungry and fighting to ignore it, but I so desperately want this change.

However, gaining a pound this week has really thrown me - I just don't know what i'm doing wrong? I feel really depressed about it... I don't feel like I can keep up this low a calorie intake forever, and so I was hoping to see good results...

If anyone can help, offer me some reassurance or some pointers if you can see where i'm going wrong, it would be much appreciated

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You are still of childbearing age which means your hormones will do a number on your scale numbers. Weight loss is not linear in any case. A pound up on the scale means nothing. Before menopuase I would gain for three weeks then lose and hit a new low in just one week of the month. Others I know had all sorts of weird patterns to their weight losses. You can and should weigh daily because if you do it often enough you will learn your pattern AND a pound either way will no longer cause this crazy emotional reaction. But count one day a month as your official weigh in day. Preferably several days after your period ends. If you stick to your plan, exercise, drink water and don't cheat, I expect you will se the official number drop steadilyl from month to month. I cannot comment on your food, because I do low carb but your calorie count seems very reasonable.
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Wow your diet is awesome! If your not already I'd recommend running. If your not comfortable going outside then you can do work outs at home (could be a little more limiting however). When thinking of an exercise that you'd like to do I'd recommend looking into an exercise that you like to do. If you don't know any exercises that you like to do then try thinking of things you like and think of how that relates to exercise. If you like going to the pool then swim. Swimming is a great exercise. Like being in nature? Try running, or hiking, or biking (I love to bike). Choose an exercise that you like to do so that you stay consistent. You can even dance
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Yes the diet plan looks great to me. Be prepared for a few upward and downward swings in weight loss. Some people should really only look at an overall 3 or 4 weekly loss to see the real results.

Hang in, you are doing great.
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