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Default A life saved by bicep curls

For anyone who has had to ride public transportation, you know it is prone to spasmodic fits of lurches. Whatever gremlins live in the rails or in the minds of the train operators make a smooth, calm ride the pipe dream of Utopian fancy. The uninitiated should be informed that this is a prime opportunity for the activation of the gluteus maximus, tibialis anterior, and rectus femoris among others. Stand on trains, get swole.

Roughly a year ago, I was on my commute to work as usual. All the seats were occupied by people either sleeping, reading, or trying to avoid eye contact with those standing in order to avoid the guilt induced by their comparative comfort. A woman, at least 8 months pregnant, waddled on to the train. You could hear the collective brows furrowing as all seated passengers focused more intently on the hideous, MC Hammer inspired carpet weave between their feet. Like the Spartans in Thermopylae, they would hold their ground.

Said pregnant woman moved in the car, standing some four feet across the aisle from me. Before she could set her feet properly, or grasp a pole for support, the train lurched forward as if shot from a bow. This woman had not been following a balanced split routine, and had approximately 15 lbs of uncentered gainz protruding from her. She began to tip backwards on her heels like a tree being felled. In a flash of divine inspiration, I sprang into action. Reaching for the rail hanging from the ceiling, I wrapped my fingers tightly around it. No time to chalk up. I orangutaned across the car, stretching my left arm behind her. Dumbbell isolation had insured it was equal to the task.

She and unborn child landed on my forearm. With a slow controlled release, I allowed my arm to extend completely underneath her weight, softening her fall and achieving full ROM. As I curled her body upwards, we locked eyes. I knew in that moment she loved me. She gazed at me with the fire I reserve for my protein shaker and an open power rack. As I slowly righted her, she mouthed, "Thank you." Bicep Charles whispered back, "No, thank you."

An abashed man relinquished his seat, which she took in an instant. We never spoke another word to each other. I moved down the car and returned to activating my glutes, the train thundering down the dark tunnel, lights flickering as we passed.
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Default Exercise for 15 minutes a day

Being a busy mum, I would try to even to simply exercise 15 minutes a day whenever I have a bit of time. This has helped me greatly with keeping up and being pumped up every day.
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