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Unhappy Dieting for 2 weeks, 0 results

Hi guys!

This is my first post and I was hoping to get some advice to my current weight loss situation. I've been on this "diet" where I have oatmeal + 4 egg whites for breakfast, rice + grilled chicken for lunch and dinner, and a protein shake during the day. Overall, I've been under 1400 calories for the past 2 weeks (I'm female, 5ft8, 20yrs). However, since I started, I've GAINED at least 2lb (150-152 lbs). 2 years ago I always remained at 130lbs and that's my goal weight. I workout 5x/week (running, weight lifting) and I've been getting really discouraged with the no results

Does anyone have advice to somehow get over this slump? I don't think I'm gaining muscle and losing fat because my measurements (waist, hip, etc.) have all stayed the same if not even increased a little.
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It sounds like you're eating a lot of nutrient-dense foods. Unless you're having small portions, it's possible you're eating more calories than you think. Do you measure your food carefully? I would do that first - measure everything precisely. It's very easy to add an extra bit of something, and with things like rice or protein shakes, that can add calories fast.

Another thing to look at if you are measuring the food accurately is are you taking extra bites or tastes of things? My friend did this a lot and she had no idea she did it until I pointed it out to her when she started trying to lose weight. Even a few extra bites of food that isn't accounted for can add hundreds of calories depending on what it is.

Those are some common reasons people don't lose weight, so I figured I'd ask about them. It may not be either of those things, but they're good things to be aware of.

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Thank for the reply @Chanticleer - I've been using a food scale so I believe I've been entering in my calories as precisely as possible, and I also try to be conscious of snacking here and there (entering it into my log if its more than insignificant). I think I may try replacing the rice with spinach instead and see if that'll help :/
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Originally Posted by alicezeal View Post
I've been on this "diet" where I have oatmeal + 4 egg whites for breakfast, rice + grilled chicken for lunch and dinner, and a protein shake during the day.
That's not a healthy diet. Adding vegetables to your diet would be a big improvement. Spinach is a good choice. Eating spinach in addition to another vegetable would be even better.

You're probably not eating enough fat (only the grilled chicken has a significant amount of fat). Some healthy sources of fat are salmon, olive oil, avocado, nuts, and chia seeds. I also suggest replacing 1 or 2 of the egg whites with whole eggs (unless your doctor told you not to eat whole eggs, in which case you should listen to your doctor).

What kind of rice, white or brown? Brown is healthier.

What do you put in the protein shakes? Check to make sure that the protein powder is unsweetened.

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My first thought would be to make sure you are weighing everything rather than measuring. A cup of oats vs it by weight can be a big difference in calories.
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You might want to look into 5:2 Intermittent fasting - it keeps your body guessing about how many calories it will get and I've been able to lose 30 lbs with it. Also, you might want to get rid of the high carbs foods - like rice - and stick to proteins (meats) and veggies. Fruit is healthy but they are packed with sugar and I would suggest that you avoid that too. Look at keto diets if the meat (or veggie based proteins) and veggies sounds doable to you
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Ditto what mjf said. Unless this is something that a doctor or nutritionist has you on for some really specific reason, you're missing a ton of nutrients by having such a limited diet. Where are all the fruits and vegetables? Fish? Nuts? Seeds? Healthy fats? Not to mention the boredom that usually comes from eating such a limited palette. I'm a big advocate for losing weight being a great chance for learning how to eat properly long-term, so I'd definitely recommend using this as an opportunity to explore nutrition and so on.
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I agree with the comment on adding vegetables. Fiber really helps keep down the glucose response. The only fiber you are getting is from the oatmeal and rice and that is not enough. 1400 calories may or may not be low enough depending on your metabolism. I lose great at around 1100-1200 and eat a very balanced diet with lots and lots of vegetables, and adequate protein and fat.

Also at 5'8" 130 lbs seems like an unrealistic goal weight. At 5'6" my goal is 150 with a long term goal of 140. (Because I was very lean at that weight in the past and 140 would put me at 20% body fat)

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As others have suggested, it might help to skip the rice and substitute vegetables. Many people don’t lose weight when they are getting more than 50 grams of carbs a day.
As long as calories and carbs are low, you don’t need to worry about healthy fats like olive oil and avocado.
Try: moderate protein, moderate good fats, low carb with plenty of vegetables, calories under 1200 a day.
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I, too, agree that you need to be adding variety. It is absolutely possible to be eating adequate calories while simultaneously being malnourished.

If you are certain of your calories, go through an evaluation with yourself.
- Are you able to give it your all during workouts?
- Do you feel overly tired during the day?
- Do you find it difficult to focus on the task at hand?
- Are you CONSTANTLY wanting to eat or hungry?

If so, your diet likely needs modified to be a more complete source of nutrition.
Additionally, if you have increased your workout intensity...you could just be holding onto water as you heal. It is important to give your muscles time to rest for proper healing.
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Other considerations:

- how much water are you drinking?
- how much are you sleeping?
- how much (if any) alcohol are you drinking?
- what's your stress level?
- definitely go with brown rice. white is basically sugar

That diet is pretty bare meaning you might not be getting all of the nutrition you need. When that happens your body tends to hang onto food because it doesn't know when it will get the nutrients it needs. I'd add healthy fats, fruit and veggies. You can still hit 1400 cals.

Don't starve yourself! Everyone's body is different. It's taken me years to understand what my body responds to. You just need to stay positive, be patient and keep experimenting!
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I agree to ditch the oatmeal and add veggies instead. Incorporate exercise too that will help a lot. When first starting out you might stall a bit but keep at it and the scale will start to move.
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