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Default Went up 4-5 sizes?

I gained like 5 pounds and I went from a size 8 to having my size 14ís being too tight.

I was so uncomfortable in my size 10 pants yesterday.

Iím guessing Iím just bloated? I had corned beef and cabbage last night. Did that have a lot of sodium?
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Corned Beef is extremely high in sodium. It's beef brisket preserved in salt water.

That sounds a little unreasonable for 5 pounds of weight gain to cause you go up three sizes or more. I'm currently in a 10 and I would probably need to gain back 15-20 before I needed a 14 again. You could be very bloated from the corned beef.
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Also how old are the size 14's? They keep getting bigger and bigger for a given size so if the clothes are a few years old they are actually a smaller size than if you bought them now. For example I was a size 10-12 in 1973. Apparently that would be a "0" or smaller in today's sizes but, even so, the change has accelerated in recent years.

EDIT - but yes, Corned Beef is PACKED with sodium.


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The 14ís are the 14ís from last year. I bought them new.

At this point. Iím wondering if the scale is saying I weigh less then I actually am. I canít fit into my old pants, and my new spring jacket is very tight and I just look bad.

I was 158 and now Iím 162.

I was doing good with sticking to my calories today though.

Ideally, Iíd like to lose 22 more pounds. But Iíll be happy if I get back to my old weight.

Iím scared of gaining weight. My coworkers are immature and like to talk about people behind their backs. And this one coworker does it to my face. Even my manager chimes in with teasing coworkers behind their backs.

If I gained weight they would basically tear me a new a hole.

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Unfortunately clothes are not the best measurement. I am currently rocking 6's (this surprises me because I had been at a 12/14 in December and January, bought my first 10's on Super Bowl Sunday, and I can wear old 6s from 3 years ago but I have 8's that can't get over my thighs).
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