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Default Two weeks too many. . . .

Hello, All!

I am twenty one years old, and have a routine of jogging roughly three miles at least three times per week. Over the past several months, I have successfully lost weight. It is my personal choice and preference to not weigh myself, count calories meticulously, nor take any body measurements.

The past couple of weeks, however, I feel as if I have really "blown it".... As I said, I do not count calories nor track any body measurements. But, I am certain that, over TWO WHOLE weeks my caloric intake has doubled, at the least. I am very concernced about how much "damage", or "rebouhnd" weight and fat gain will result from my poor choices. Can anyone here offer me any advice, personal experiences, and knowledge regarding how much fat gain I can expect from two weeks of such drastic caloric surplus? Is there any way to avoid or at least mitigate the amount of weight and fat I will gain? I do not intend to sound obsessive. I am just so, so ashamed, embarrassed, and I really regret it all, of course. How much substantial weight and fat is it possible for me to "put back on" after these two whole weeks of too, too many calories? Have I put a major dent in my success from the past several months, or is any "rebound" still reversible? I am so worried about the weight "creeping" back on, esoecially considering how long two weeks is. I feel like I've completely blown it, derailed, ruined my success over the past months.. Is there anything I can do at this point?
Thank you for everything.
God bless you all.
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