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Default The scale won't go below 139!

I don't know if it's just a matter of me not drinking enough water as I should be, the scale acting buggy, or the progression of it all being naturally slow but my weight hasn't gone below 139. I'm exercising and dieting for the most part and I know I'm at the smallest I ever been (in my 130s) because my body is making me hungry so I can eat a lot like I used to and giving me headaches because it misses its "comfort" zone.

Maybe I should drink more water to flush the fat out more? I don't know.

Yeah, this is minor but..

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How long have you been stuck at 139? Eventually your body gets used to the same foods, same exercise, and especially the closer you get to your goal weight, alot of people tend to see their weight loss slow down. I was stuck for a week and a half at the same weight, even though i was eating the same amount of calories as the previous week when i lost. I upped my calories and a couple days later, the scale started moving again. You have to change things up a little on occasion. Different exercises, increase calories, etc. and do try to drink more water. Im not a water lover by any means and because of that, i know im not getting enough. I bought some of those flavor packets for my water bottles. Im hoping ill get in my recommended daily amount now.
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I don't think your problem is minor at all. I very much understand this frustration as my body fights me between 130 and 129.

I have found during my journey that having 2-3 days eating at a maintenance calorie level helps break my plateau. I don't gain or lose in those days but once I lower my calorie intake, the scale starts going down. And although water intake is important, in my opinion, it is not the only culprit to your plateau.

I do believe that bodies have "set points" and it takes a little tweaking to get below those set points but it is definitely possible.

You are doing fantastic so whatever it is you are doing is working!
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As you lose weight, your body burns fewer calories. Also for someone who is shorter and at lower weight, the number of calories you burn is lower than someone who is much taller and weighs more.

The most likely reason for failing to lose weight over an extended period of time is that you don't have a calorie deficit. To lose weight you need to be burning more calories than you take in. And, unfortunately, you can reach a point where the amount of calories you are taking in equals those that you are burning and you don't lose weight.

Fluid retention can cause some temporary weight gain, but if you have been on a plateau for an extended time it probably isn't that.

To get off a plateau usually you need to eat less or burn more calories. However, it may not be healthy or realistic to cut calories further, depending on how much you are currently eating.

For example, I just went through a lengthy plateau. I currently am eating a point where I don't feel I should be further reducing calories so I need to do more exercise to burn more calories.
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Yikes, so shorter people burn less calories? That sucks.

I found out it was because my body was storing/holding fat because I was undereating, my mom put me on a better diet!
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I can relate in this category and it's frustrating. I haven't lost any weight as far as numbers since January of last year
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[QUOTE=zerosedeluna] Yikes, so shorter people burn less calories? That sucks.

That does S-U-C-K- Damn for being a short girl

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